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October 1 2018 to October 7 2018

Monday October 1

Birthday Greetings

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I'm rather cheekily taking this opportunity to say 'Happy Birthday' to my wonderful wife! Since we're both Librans, we usually find ourselves singing from the same hymn sheet. Yet, with both of us having Aquarian Moons, as much as we rely on one another, we each need emotional independence. Being supportive, whilst trusting each other with the freedom to be ourselves seems to work very well. As Pluto turns direct, it encourages us all to appreciate and understand the true nature of our own power a little better.

Tuesday October 2

Finding the Answer

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Pluto is barely moving in the sky. According to the Ephemeris (the book astrologers consult to confirm the movements of the planets), although it officially ended its retrogradation yesterday, it hasn't changed position since the weekend, and won't until the end of the week. Stationing planets are powerful - and this week we have two. Just as Pluto is helping us to find answers after a time of reflection, Venus is slowing to a stop. So, despite any current worries, we can be confident of finding a helpful answer to any question that's asked with love.

Wednesday October 3

Herding Cats

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Yesterday, we talked about asking questions with love. That's different from questioning love itself. Today, as Mercury makes a tense link with Pluto, there's no point in me advising anyone what, or more specifically what NOT to question. Pluto has a habit of breaking taboos, and Mercury loves intrigue. Trying to control what anybody asks, says or thinks in this environment is like trying to herd cats! But not all curious felines wander into dangerous situations. And what we discover now could prove to be most empowering.

Thursday October 4

Birthday Buttons

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What a disappointment... it's my birthday! For the three days I've enjoyed teasing my wife (whose birthday was on Monday) that she's six years older than me. Now it's down to five again. Of course, today is also my 'solar return', an annual snapshot of the sky that astrologers use to predict someone's year ahead. With the Moon opposite Mars, plus Venus turning retrograde, it seems that it's not just me, but all of us, who should be wary of pushing too many buttons! Don't do it unless you can take what you dish out!

Friday October 5

A Powerful Transformation

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Venus turns backwards across the sky today, beginning a 42-day period of retrogradation. In the coming weeks it may feel as if we're losing a little of something precious, but we're gaining something far more important. This is a moment to rediscover core values and concentrate on what lies at the centre of our being. It's a chance to move beyond superficial desires and connect with something more pure and powerful. Rather than being afraid of the intensity of our feelings, they signal the beginning of powerful transformation.

Saturday October 6

Your Week Ahead

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Our click-and-collect culture has its downsides. In days gone by, for example, we'd use the leftovers of one meal to make something delicious the following day. Now, we're more likely to turn our noses up, and order a takeaway. Yet this week, with Venus retrograde and the New Moon in Libra, the cosmos invites us to create something new from familiar ingredients. Mercury's opposition to Uranus suggests that, with a little research, we can make a breakthrough and surprise ourselves with an innovative recipe for change.

Sunday October 7

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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