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October 29 2018 to November 4 2018

Monday October 29

Repeat, Repeat

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Although it may be driving me slightly crazy, my little boy happily hears the same bedtime stories over and over again. So long as what's repeated is full of adventure and excitement, he seems to love repetition. This week, our own celestial storytellers urge us to take a leaf out of his book. Today the messenger Mercury converges with exploratory Jupiter... as it will do again, two more times in the months to come. Whatever inspiring ideas start to grow and develop now, remember, it's only the beginning!

Tuesday October 30

Spoiler Alert

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Spoiler alert. You'll be hearing the word 'adventure' a lot from me over the next few weeks. Yes, I have a thesaurus... but there simply isn't a better word for the job! Mercury, the planet that typifies escapades, tomorrow begins to explore Jupiter's home, Sagittarius, ahead of Jupiter's return there next week. These cosmic connections also remind us of the value of having faith in the future. Even if things seem a little dark this Halloween, we can focus on the luck we've had, from which we're about to benefit again.

Wednesday October 31


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Which planetary poltergeists will be haunting you this Halloween night? Which astral apparitions will affect your day? Actually, our orbiting neighbours are way too aloof to have malicious intentions. Today, the likelihood is that our pulses will be racing for reasons other than fearfulness. Under the Moon's watchful gaze, Venus, the planet of love, moving backwards, makes an opposition with playful Uranus again. This may resurrect some emotional issues, but it's about as far as you can get from heralding a zombie apocalypse!

Thursday November 1

Balancing Act

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Venus represents love and beauty, harmony and pleasure, money and value. So what happens to these qualities when it's moving backwards across our skies? No! It doesn't bring contrasting characteristics. While it's involved in a lengthy opposition to Uranus, it's calling for a re-evaluation of all that we hold dear. And, although that might mean facing some home truths, it will help us see what's important. Now that the planet of love is back in its own sign of Libra today, we'll be able to strike a better balance.

Friday November 2

Brief Spectacles

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This weekend, it's less about what's happening Saturday or Sunday, and more a premonition of what's to come - and I'm not talking about all the parties in the UK celebrating Guy Fawkes' night early! Celestial fireworks are being lit all over the world as Jupiter heads home into Sagittarius. Although the actual event takes place next week, the fuse has been lit and the countdown has begun. Yet, unlike a firework display, this event won't be over in a flash. Prepare for a long, worthwhile journey, rather than a brief spectacle.

Saturday November 3

Your Week Ahead

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For Sagittarians, this is probably the most significant week for 12 years. But, it's not too shabby for the rest of us either! When Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, luck and exploration, returns home to the sign of the centaur, we're all encouraged to aim high, keep the faith and gallop ahead towards exciting adventures. With Uranus reversing into Aries, it won't all be plain-sailing; there'll be some waves to rock the boat. But the New Moon's link to Neptune has the potential to make navigating new waters blissfully enchanting.

Sunday November 4

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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