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November 5 2018 to November 11 2018

Monday November 5

Truth and Power

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It's said the responsibility of the press is to 'speak truth to power'. Yet, the social critic Noam Chomsky said that 'power knows the truth already, and is busy concealing it'. So, it's the rest of us who need to be informed. These days it's hard enough to figure out what the truth is, let alone to whom it should be spoken! Today, following Mercury's tricky link with powerful Pluto over the weekend, we need to back-pedal a little. As retrograde Uranus moves towards Aries, it suggests that the rulebook needs to be first on to the bonfire.

Tuesday November 6

System Reset

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The Moon was similarly dark the last time Uranus changed signs, back in May. As Uranus, now appearing to reverse in the sky, makes its final visit to Aries before 2094, the Moon is again absent from our skies. With the heavens at their blackest, is this the cosmos not daring to look? Could it be nervous of what must be done? Yet, this isn't a bad omen. It's simply the opportunity to push the reset button on matters that don't appear to be working. Sometimes, for optimal performance, we need to switch things off and then on again.

Wednesday November 7

New Moon

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The Moon is new in Scorpio. As it begins its cycle, it makes supportive and harmonious links with Neptune, the sensitive planet of dreams. Meanwhile, Jupiter, on the cusp of a triumphant return home to Sagittarius, is making tricky links with Uranus. They say that on a long march, it's the last mile that proves to be the hardest. So, as gentle and enchanting as Neptune's New Moon influence may be, we can't afford to be lulled into complacency. Not when the stakes are so high, and the opportunities so great.

Thursday November 8

When in Rome

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It's finally here. Today, Jupiter enters Sagittarius, like Caesar returning to Rome. This is a moment I've been looking forward to all year! It brings an opportunity that shouldn't be wasted. And, although it lasts for nearly thirteen months, it's anything but unlucky. Jupiter's journey through its celestial home foretells a time of adventure, growth and prosperity. Yet, although fortune favours the brave, it often punishes the foolhardy. So it's important to act with wisdom as well as with faith in the days to come.

Friday November 9

Venus and Mars Are Alright Tonight

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Yesterday, I compared Jupiter's Sagittarian visit to Caesar entering Rome. But it's not about pomp and circumstance. Roman generals were often accompanied by gladiators who would whisper, 'remember you're (only) a man' into their ears. And so, this is a good moment to remind ourselves of the excesses Jupiter likes to indulge in. Still, the planet of luck's arrival in its own sign is an emphatic, positive development. With Venus and Mars aligning harmoniously today, heart's desires have rarely been more attainable.

Saturday November 10

Your Week Ahead

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Even though Robin Hood's story ends once Richard the Lionheart reclaims his throne, in reality, this moment marked the beginning of a long road towards justice. A similar situation is paralleled in the skies this week. Although Jupiter's recent arrival in merry Sagittarius warrants a fanfare, it will need time to work its magic. As Mars prepares to leave Aquarius, where it has spent most of its time since May, the path to progress will become more straightforward. A whisper of hope, for positive change, is in the air.

Sunday November 11

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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