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November 19 2018 to November 25 2018

Monday November 19

Have Patience

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When there's a high chance of miscommunicating and getting hold of the wrong end of the stick, what's the one cosmic event we could do without? The planet of growth linking sharply with the celestial embodiment of impatience! With Mercury slipping backwards through the sky, it would be easy to think that Mars' link with Jupiter tomorrow is the last thing we need. As tempting as it may be to blow off steam or shake fists at the heavens, there are powerful reasons to bide our time and see how things play out.

Tuesday November 20

Helping Hand

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Yesterday I suggested we need to look before we leap. That's not exactly the natural inclination of Mars-Jupiter alignments, but luckily there's help at hand. Today Pluto, planet of manipulation, subtlety and powerful transformation, gets involved in what the Mars-Jupiter relationship has been cooking up. And it's the secret ingredient that makes this flavoursome combination work! Its influence allows us to channel our energies into beneficial areas and gives us the ability to control how, and when, we use them. Mercury in retrograde may question almost everything now, but we shouldn't doubt our current abilities to cope with pressing issues.

Wednesday November 21

Sagittarian Scamp

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The Sun arrives in Sagittarius tomorrow, bringing an even greater focus on the themes of adventure and exploration, wisdom and morality, and generosity and geniality. That makes native Sagittarians very lucky indeed. Yet, as the father of a little Sagittarian scamp, I know there's often a degree of mischief, mayhem and even occasional misanthropy in the mix too! As the Sun soon joins Jupiter, we can all experience a share of Sagittarian traits. With a wholehearted approach, more will be achieved than we can imagine.

Thursday November 22

Stand and Deliver

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The Sun has barely crossed the Sagittarian threshold and already it's beginning to form Gemini's Full Moon. As the two move opposite one another, Mars' position midway between them, creates a powerful astrological pattern across the heavens. With Jupiter presiding over proceedings, it's shaping up to be an inspiring Lunar event! But I should be careful about saying such things. One thing we can't afford to do is to over-promise. Still, with the energy available now, we should certainly be able to over-deliver on our potential.

Friday November 23

Dream Team

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It's not just Sagittarian themes that permeate the zeitgeist. Jupiter, in its celestial home of Sagittarius, is also the co-ruler of Pisces, where Mars is currently domiciled. When Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces, finally turns direct this weekend, it creates an atmosphere of adventure and action mixed with imagination and sensitivity. It sounds like a dream team - as long as we don't need to make sense of what's happening! Before that, let's take full advantage of the Gemini Full Moon for some much needed and inspiring clarity.

Saturday November 24

Your Week Ahead

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The Sagittarian flavour to this week's astrological smorgasbord is intensified by the appearance of a stellium, which is created when three or more planets converge (as is now the case with Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury). This concentration of power can overwhelm the tastes of sophisticated palates... and with the extra spice of a tense link to Mars, it will generate some strong reactions. With the added sprinkling of Pluto's seasoning, the week holds the potential to reveal a taste for an unusual but delicious feast.

Sunday November 25

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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