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January 29 2018 to February 4 2018

Monday January 29


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Mercury, the planet of communication has been busy recently. Last week it converged with mysterious Pluto, and over the weekend it formed a dynamic 'square' with revolutionary Uranus. It suggests the movement between an epiphany and an anagnorisis. An anagnorisis is the dramatic moment when you make a key discovery about yourself or someone else. With the imminent arrival of the Blue Moon Eclipse, the scene is being set for an intense and exciting climax.

Tuesday January 30

Blue Moon Eclipse Factor

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Hi Oscar,
I was born on a January Blue Moon in 1961. My birthday this year falls on the Blue Moon Eclipse. What does it represent for me? Donna

Hi Donna, The Blue Moon Eclipse is an auspicious sign for everyone. Arriving at your Solar return adds to its effect and suggests that the year holds the promise for the completion of a long-held ambition. It's not only very good news for you, it bodes well for the world!

Wednesday January 31

Blue Moon Eclipse

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Anyone who's reading this in the Eastern Hemisphere will be able to watch the Total Lunar Eclipse. Any readers in Alaska and Hawaii will, weather permitting, be able to witness the cosmic spectacle too. But wherever you are, whatever the weather, this powerful influence heralds a bright day for us all. As the Super 'Blue Moon' darkens and turns red, it promises a return to the light. It will subtly yet effectively illuminate the way in which we can find a hopeful path towards a brighter future.

Thursday February 1

The Full Picture

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It's not just the Super Blue Moon Eclipse that brings an auspicious sign of progress. Mercury's move into Aquarius will help us think more clearly about the best way to move forward. The cosmic climate is shining a torch on the world and highlighting the best way for us to move towards easier terrain. There's a road we can find that leads to a better, fairer, brighter future. The vital missing piece of a puzzle can be found. With the full picture, a more holistic way to proceed will become clear.

Friday February 2

Good Choices

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One of Mercury's first pieces of business in its new celestial home involves the encouraging link it makes with Mars, the power planet, this weekend. Although Mercury brings 'blue sky thinking', this planetary piece of teambuilding galvanises it with the ability to back up cerebral brilliance with dynamic action. Innovative thinking, plus the energy to be creative, suggests that this will be a weekend to remember. With Venus's link to Jupiter - we can have faith in ourselves and the choices we make.

Saturday February 3

Your Week Ahead

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The week ahead is filled with lots of aspects known as 'minors'. That doesn't mean they're too immature to cast a vote on the state of our future, though! But it does make this weekend's 'major' aspect between Venus and Jupiter stick out like a sore thumb. Fortunately, it means that we'll spend the week feeling anything but sore! No matter how many whack-a-mole issues pop up, we should be able to find innovative and creative ways of dealing with them. It might take some effort, but it will be fun.

Sunday February 4

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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