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December 17 2018 to December 23 2018

Monday December 17

Window on the World

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Has the furore surrounding this weekend's antagonistic angle between Uranus and Neptune died down? Perhaps it never got going in your life. Though astrological events tend to be more powerful in the build up than the aftermath, an alignment between such powerful, slow moving planets has a large window in which to strike. But, no matter what the world throws at us, there's a way to make the best of a complex scenario. As Mars and Pluto link, we can channel frustrations and sway situations to our advantage.

Tuesday December 18

Forgive But Don't Forget

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Venus aligned encouragingly with Saturn over the weekend and, on Friday, makes a harmonious link with Neptune. Despite these positive aspects, the balance between having a robust, determined, heart and being open, sensitive and compassionate isn't always easy to strike. As Venus and Neptune head towards making their Solstice alignment, let's try to use our creativity and charm with good intentions. And, although forgiveness is in the air, remember that it's rarely prudent to forget.

Wednesday December 19

Saturnalia Paraphenalia

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Have you hunted enough flamingos to feed your guests? Did you catch any dormice for the appetisers? OK, so these probably aren't on your festive shopping list. Nevertheless, the way the Romans stocked up to celebrate Saturnalia probably wasn't too dissimilar to how we rush around ahead of its modern-day equivalent. As the culmination of this annual ritual approaches, the cosmos gives a helping hand. As the red-nosed planet Mars makes creative links with 'Saturn Claus', we'll find the strength to do what must be done.

Thursday December 20

Solstice Ahoy

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The Solstice is always as much about change as it is the culmination of a process. After all, we can't keep working on the same projects once they've been completed. The change inevitably accompanying this cosmic event needn't be painful. Today, as the Sun aligns harmoniously with revolutionary Uranus, it's more likely to be a bloodless coup than a violent uprising. We're becoming better positioned to achieve something that's long been called for. This is an experience that should be welcomed, not feared.

Friday December 21

Super Solstice, Fantastic Full Moon

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With our love of 2 for 1 deals, no wonder we enjoy this season. So it's a shame that 'Super Solstice and Fantastic Full Moon' greetings cards are hard to find. That's what I'm wishing everyone this weekend. The Cancer Full Moon highlights the celestial importance of this year's event. And, as communicative Mercury converges with gregarious Jupiter, the mass mailing of enthusiastic messages seems appropriate! This Solstice, it will be hard not to be swept up in enthusiasm... people's hearts will be in the right place.

Saturday December 22

Your Week Ahead

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What do the stars have in store over the holiday season? Are there any celestial gifts wrapped up with a bow? For some people, the Cancerian Full Moon Solstice will have brought an early start to the celebrations. But there are plenty more cosmic gifts to fill our stockings... although with the planet of luck, Jupiter, linking to hard-working Saturn, we can't leave all the work to Santa! As Mercury connects with Neptune it brings the chance to lay some difficult issues to rest, which bodes well for festive Christmas sharing.

Sunday December 23

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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