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December 31 2018 to January 6 2019

Monday December 31


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Is the champagne on ice? Are the balloons pumped? (They should be the only things that need filling with hot air at this party!). There's a palpable feeling of anticipation as we prepare for energetic Mars to move into Aries, its celestial home - a sign that the celestial fireworks will continue long after the clock strikes midnight. Until then, the planet of dynamic power remains in sensitive and visionary Pisces. So we can dream today about a brighter future... and tomorrow we can start making it happen.

Tuesday January 1

Happy New Year!

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What an exciting year it promises to be. With Mars entering Aries today, we couldn't hope for a clearer signal that it's time to leave the starting blocks and race forward to greet 2019. Yet this is a marathon not a sprint. And even some of the most successful athletes need help from their pacesetters. With impeccable timing, the Sun's alignment with disciplined, achievement-orientated Saturn tomorrow ensures that whatever action we're inspired to take won't just be a flash in the pan.

Wednesday January 2


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Saturn is roughly a third of the way through its stay in Capricorn (its home sign) where it freely exerts its influence. 'Freely' isn't a word most people would associate with the planet of discipline and hard work, but its position of strength encourages us to appreciate the freedom we have to make decisions, and to use its powerful energy for good purpose. As the Sun converges with Saturn today, it brings the chance to take important steps towards achieving something special. It brings determination to stick to resolutions too.

Thursday January 3

A Better, Brighter Future

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Uranus appears to be motionless in the sky tonight. As the only planet still apparently moving backwards, its usual ability to empower and embolden has been less marked. With its turn direct (this weekend) coinciding with a partial Solar Eclipse, a shift in momentum is underway. From now until March there's little point focusing on the troubled past. Not when a bright and enticing future can be ushered in so assuredly. Any seeds planted now will soon flourish. A better, brighter future is within reach.

Friday January 4

Wishful Thinking

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As the Sun links to visionary Neptune today, wishes and dreams, the theme of the year so far, come to the fore. Several astrological events this weekend underline the power of positive thinking, and encourage visions of a better, brighter future. The partial Solar Eclipse empowers us to sow the earth with hope, whilst Mercury's move into Capricorn ensures that we're equipped to consider the long game. With dedication, good maintenance and patience, a bountiful harvest of new ideas is on the horizon.

Saturday January 5

Your Week Ahead

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Although 2019 will have celestial 'slow news' days, right now, a series of celestial scoops make this an ideal week to bury stories. While the headlines focus on the partial Solar Eclipse and Uranus' move forwards, the Mercury-Mars link competes for prominence on the back pages. With Venus joining forces with Jupiter in Sagittarius, there's plenty to keep us all distracted. Just don't miss the secrets revealed by the Sun-Pluto conjunction. Valuable information will come from surprising sources this week.

Sunday January 6

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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