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February 5 2018 to February 11 2018

Monday February 5


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Yesterday, fourteen years ago, a student in Massachusetts launched a website that changed the nature of relationships. It's hard to escape the influence of Facebook. No one could have anticipated the huge success of Mr Zuckerberg's creation - or the problems that would come from its success. Yesterday, in 2018, Venus (planet of love and money) aligned tensely with expansive, encouraging Jupiter. Under this influence, whatever we value will grow. But it's worth ensuring that it does so appropriately.

Tuesday February 6

Cancerian Intuition

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Dear Oscar,
Is it possible that Cancerians feel celestial influences earlier than everyone else? I've noticed my experiences are about two days ahead of your forecasts. Is that possible...and... if so, why? Paul

Dear Paul, I was gong to reply to your letter, but I figured that by the time it was published, you'd have already read it! Seriously, this is something that people often asked Jonathan. The more powerful an astrological event is, the more it can be felt before and after its arrival. Your Cancerian intuition may well give you an extraordinary sensitivity. Oscar

Wednesday February 7

Ahead Of the Game

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When I write forecasts I bear in mind that any zodiac sign may find that astrological events overlap by a day or two. Right now, there are many minor cosmic alignments jostling for our attention. Tomorrow's Mercury-Uranus link brings ingenuity, while Friday's angle between the Sun and Mars promotes action over ideas. Meanwhile Saturn's influence suggests that hard work, rather than inspiration, is key. So if we find ourselves ahead of the game, it could be due to jumping, rather than being pushed!

Thursday February 8

Going With the Flow

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Venus made an encouraging alignment with rebellious Uranus yesterday. This weekend, the planet of love changes signs, creating a very different flavour to her influence in our lives. She's been in Aquarius, where her attitude towards love and money required specific progress in order to feel satisfaction. Now, as she enters Pisces, we'll find conditions lend themselves more readily to going with the flow. That's good news - especially as we have time to influence the direction the energy is moving in.

Friday February 9

Oscar Nomination

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'I put all my genius into my life; I put my talent into my works,' said my fellow Libran, Oscar Wilde. His natal Sun was about 90 degrees from Jupiter, an angle that astrologers call a 'square'. It denotes a tense relationship. But this tension often provides dynamism, and brings interesting results. Displaying as much wisdom as wit, Oscar Wilde embodied the charm that a 'Sun square Jupiter' configuration bestows. And as this aspect arrives at the weekend, it's bringing similar qualities into all our lives.

Saturday February 10

Your Week Ahead

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Venus moves signs this weekend, and Mercury and the Sun make tense alignments with Jupiter before converging around the Solar Eclipse and heading into Pisces. Combine all this with fiery Mars reacting with impressionable Neptune, and there's a lot of emotion and sensitivity in the air as we head towards Valentine's Day. But as feathers are being ruffled, something powerful is happening. This is a chance to change how we see one another and improve a partnership. Once the chips begin to fall, we'll be delighted by where they land!

Sunday February 11

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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