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February 12 2018 to February 18 2018

Monday February 12


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If you walk in the financial district of the City of London it's easy to feel dwarfed by the skyscrapers and overawed by the scale of the buildings. But nestled in the middle stands a little medieval church. It has witnessed the Great Fire, the Blitz and a terrorist attack... and there it still stands a tiny, ancient oasis, now a dedicated centre for peace and reconciliation. The coming Eclipse is grabbing attention for good reason. But let's not overlook or underestimate the effects of Venus' recent change of signs.

Tuesday February 13

Class Act

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Sometimes I cringe when I remember my school days. There were times when I would get so fired up by a lesson, that I'd put my hand up every few minutes with something to add or a question to ask, when really the lesson would have been better uninterrupted. The astrological weather has reminded me of this - as one by one, first Venus, then the Sun have been prodding wise Jupiter. Today it's Mercury's turn to ask for insight. Luckily, generous Professor Jupiter has plenty to share.

Wednesday February 14


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Happy Valentine's Day! Welcome to the western calendar's designated Day of Love. Who cares if it's a marketing ploy promoted by greetings card companies and chocolate manufacturers? Anything that gets us to focus on who we care about and what they mean to us gets my vote. Tomorrow's partial Solar Eclipse lends its support too - the celestial fireworks are being created by the caring cosmos. If we want our hearts filled and our passion renewed, the Eclipse is a sign that anything is possible.

Thursday February 15

New World

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Tonight's Solar eclipse marks Chinese New Year. Although Chinese astrology differs from the Western form I practise, it's worth taking note of what Chinese Astrologers are saying. For them, the Year of The Dog promises greater harmony, understanding and reward for our diligence. And in the shorter term, the Aquarian Eclipse linked with Uranus, signals an opportunity for social reform and genuine progress. We cannot expect everything to change over on one moonless night but if we remain sensitive as the paradigm shifts, some old dogs can start learning positive new tricks.

Friday February 16

Fiery Hearts

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Happy Chinese New Year! If you're feeling delicate this morning, it might not be a Baijiu hangover - the eclipse also makes us sensitive now. And as the Sun and Mercury join Venus in compassionate Pisces this weekend, it's hardly a time for hardening hearts. With passionate Mars linking to dreamy, enchanting Neptune, any steaminess in the air from Valentine's Day seems unlikely to simmer down. But we needn't fear becoming sick of love, or lovesick either. The Sun and Mercury's conjunction suggests cool heads working in tandem with fiery hearts.

Saturday February 17

Your Week Ahead

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Valentine's day may have passed, but there's romance to be found in the air this week. Passionate Mars makes a steamy connection with Neptune, while the Sun and Mercury move into dreamy Pisces. And Neptune's glamorous allure is compounded as it welcomes a visit from Venus. It's the kind of environment in which we might risk sacrificing too much for a fantasy. Thankfully Mercury's link with Saturn suggests our heads will be cool enough to avoid our hearts running away with us.

Sunday February 18

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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