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February 19 2018 to February 25 2018

Monday February 19

Fishcal Policy

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Sometimes it seems as if the planets are jostling for power in a way that's not dissimilar to the Mafia! The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune are 'sleeping with the fishes' in Pisces, and, along with the celestial adventurer, Mars, in Sagittarius, they're all under the influence of Don Jupiter in secretive Scorpio. Fortunately, since Pisces is also ruled by Neptune, a cosmic turf war for control is highly unlikely. Instead, there's a good chance that they'll come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Tuesday February 20

Light and Delight

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Venus converges with Neptune in Pisces tomorrow, casting a gentle and subtle light on affairs of the heart and giving them a watercolour feeling. There's room for both light and delight as our relationships are influenced by this impressionistic moment. Imagination, kindness and compassion can be easily overlooked as we busy ourselves about our lives. If there are decisions to be made, or difficulties to be resolved, this is a time to share and listen. There's a creative way to sort things out.

Wednesday February 21

Bad Boy

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Saturn is the cartoon bad boy of the cosmos. He has a reputation for being stern and instilling discipline... so much so that the moment he arrives back at the point he occupied when we were born is known as the dreaded Saturn Return. Today Mercury makes an encouraging link with the cosmic teacher; and at the weekend, the Sun repeats the same alignment. Although this may not be rainbows and roses, it is good news. Taken seriously, it provides a chance to assume some authority.

Thursday February 22

Saturn in Capricorn

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Dear Oscar,
I was born with Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn. Does Saturn's journey through Capricorn indicate a 'Saturn Return'? Yours Fiona

Hi Fiona, Actually, Saturn returning home to Capricorn is sort of like a 'Saturn Return' for the entire planet! But this needn't necessarily be an unpleasant experience. My son was born as my Saturn return arrived! But it always brings a test of steadiness and responsibility. We can still grow and flourish... we just have to be willing to work for it.

Friday February 23

Detail and Perspective

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This weekend Mercury converges with Neptune. On Wednesday, when Venus did the same, we talked about life being like a watercolour. Mercury now adds some foreground detail to the emotional backwash. Venus aligns sharply with Mars this weekend, so calm consideration will help to mediate any emotional extremes. And amid all this, wise Jupiter exerts his influence. Although he brings intensity and exaggeration, he helps us to explore perspectives that might otherwise be lost in the heat of the moment.

Saturday February 24

Your March Monthly Forecast

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In March we have the Blue Moon of Blue Moons! For the second time this year, there will be two Full Moons in a month. With the Equinox arriving as the Sun enters Aries, bringing us the start of the astrological New Year, there'll be reason for us all to celebrate. As with all new beginnings we'll spend some time exploring and analysing the past, especially since Mercury and Jupiter both turn retrograde. But as Mars and Venus link strongly with Uranus, positive progress awaits us all. Let's enjoy it!

Sunday February 25

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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