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March 11 2019 to March 17 2019

Monday March 11

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There seems to be a prevailing mantra among politicians of 'never apologise, never explain'. What lonely lives they must lead! Of course, it's much easier to get things done when you have this kind of mentality. And it's obviously important for them to be left to their own devices and trusted to get on with the job of making rods for their own backs! The rest of us, though, might benefit from checking that our good intentions have not been misinterpreted. Time taken to relate to one another won't be wasted now.

Tuesday March 12

Mercury Brexitograde

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Hello Oscar,
Has Mercury retrograde affected Brexit preparations? Charles

Hi Charles, When the terms of Brexit were agreed last November, Mercury was retrograde. Given that this was a temporary 'agreement' to be revisited time and again, it was a highly appropriate celestial position. The planet of communication insists that care is taken in order to avoid miscommunication or wrongheadedness, so its dealings can never be rushed. With Mercury retrograde again and Brexit looming, it's no surprise that old issues are resurfacing. It'll take time to get them right. Yours Oscar

Wednesday March 13

Growing Success

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Today, the Sun links encouragingly with the celestial dark horse, Pluto, before making an exciting connection with adventurous Jupiter. Pluto symbolises the power gained from research and discovery. As the Sun shines on to hidden knowledge, there are opportunities to be taken, and Jupiter urges us to explore fresh horizons and push our luck as we pursue new goals. And we're perfectly entitled to take this approach. As long as investments are made with care, the chances of success can only grow.

Thursday March 14


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'It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer'. As Mars and Saturn make a powerful, supportive angle today, I'm reminded of this quote attributed to Einstein, whose birthday was today. Mars brings energy and passion to our endeavours, while Saturn instils work and commitment. So, wherever we focus our attention, it's unlikely to result in a quick fix. But if we play the long game and remain determined to succeed, my own theory is that we'll find the strength and intelligence to come out on top.

Friday March 15

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The Sun and retrograde Mercury converge once again today. Since it's the second of six meetings this year, why is today's so special? Perhaps it's because Jupiter adds to the equation, bringing the opportunity for growth. But it could also be that, as Mercury relinks with Pluto this weekend, we'll be able to see the spanners which have been sabotaging our work. Once removed, the cosmic message encourages a re-think of last month's big ideas, plus understanding of how a twist on them would be most profitable.

Saturday March 16

Your Week Ahead

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Although there won't be many champagne corks popping to mark the astrological new year, in the absence of fireworks, something spectacular's happening in the sky. The Supermoon arrives just hours after the Equinox, enhancing our ability to see the future with new perspective. The cosmic gift will help us to manifest a fairer world, a better way of living, and a harmonious way of existing together. With Venus linked to Mars and Jupiter, we won't be short of the energy needed to fully explore these celestial opportunities.

Sunday March 17

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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