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March 18 2019 to March 24 2019

Monday March 18

Bored Silly

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I don't often feel bored - life is far too busy for that. But I remember the feeling from childhood and I see it in my young son now and then. Typically, it seems to involve an excess of energy with no idea how to spend it. Today, a slightly indecisive retrograde Mercury is being fired up by passionate Mars. This doesn't necessarily have to result in frustration and dead-ends though. It brings a subtle hint to take another look at anything that we think we've grown out of. There's still something exciting to be discovered.

Tuesday March 19

Staying Cool Under the Collar

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Mars and Pluto's supportive, harmonious relationship peaks tomorrow. Pluto represents the hidden and taboo, while Mars evokes passion and desire. But before anyone gets hot under the collar there's a need to be careful about what we reveal about ourselves. Retrograde Mercury is approaching a link with Saturn; forming a Minor Grand Trine with Mars. It suggests that whoever controls the flow of information will have the most power. Even if feelings intensify, there's a way to turn them to into an advantage.

Wednesday March 20

The SuperMoon Equinox

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Happy Astrological New Year! The Equinox arrives as the Sun enters Aries to begin its annual cycle through the signs. We stand poised on a precipice, between moving forwards and looking backwards. We can see where we've been, and we're getting a clear sense of where we're headed. So it's important to be at our most open. Today brings the potential for illumination and understanding, as a path towards fulfilment appears. As long as we're willing to move forwards bravely, the cosmos is ready to be our guide.

Thursday March 21

A Year To Remember

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The Equinox Supermoon is like a neon sign in the sky. Its purpose is to guide us, as we step into a new astrological year. It's a promise that, despite the mixed signals and difficult decisions life brings, we'll find our way. Today, as Venus and Mars make a dynamic alignment, they bring the creativity and determination to prosper on the next adventure. Jupiter's link with Venus insists that, as long as we remain open to exploring opportunities, we really can reach our potential. This looks set to be a year to remember.

Friday March 22

Cathartic Healing

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Mercury converges with Neptune on Sunday for the second time this year. But its effects will continue because the planet of communication is preparing to turn into an embrace with Neptune that lasts into April. Given that the dreamy planet likes nothing more than sensitively fusing compassionate souls and empowering them, it's a wonderful time to repair relationships. By communicating from the heart, and forgiving what we can, we'll find the liberation needed to inspire genuine, cathartic healing.

Saturday March 23

Your Week Ahead

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Creativity and audacity are in the air. Mercury has been moving backwards and creating mild confusion. Now it is slowing to a halt and linking with a plethora of planets, all offering celestial support. The planet of communication's change of direction at the end of the week will be felt like a 'Eureka moment' as imaginative thoughts find pragmatic ways to change the future. With the planet of love joining Mercury in Pisces, sensitivity is infused with innovation, bringing the promise of harmonious dialogue with surprisingly positive results.

Sunday March 24

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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