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April 1 2019 to April 7 2019

Monday April 1

Reasons to Believe

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April Fools' Day came a little early to the celestial realms, since Mercury (representing ideas, clarity and communication) finished staggering backwards across the sky whilst fusing with illusory Neptune last week. But Mercury's links with the dreamlike planet aren't over; they peak again tomorrow. As these two creative influences converge for one final time there's no need to worry about falling for problematic tricks. Instead, they bring reasons to believe in a vision that is both compelling and inspiring.

Tuesday April 2

These Foolish Things

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Why Do Fools Fall In Love? That was what Frankie Lymon asked in his 1956 pop classic. It seems that we've always known that even the sharpest minds can be prone to the intoxication of romantic idealism. Today, following April Fools' Day, trusting Venus and controlling Pluto make a tense alignment. They create an energy of awareness, as hidden information now becomes available and easier to interpret. Since they promise insight and hope, we might rather like the journey this relationship brings.

Wednesday April 3

It's a Juggle Out There

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Despite the fact that green shoots are appearing only in the Northern Hemisphere, the whole planet is getting an extra spring in its step. Mars changed signs last weekend and a New Moon arrives in Aries on Friday. Mars' drive and determination provides the energy to get things moving. Instead of being frustrated by what's been stuck, we're more likely to feel rushed off our feet trying to keep all the balls juggling! The upcoming New Moon suggests that we can take full advantage of the fresh celestial situation.

Thursday April 4

Sewing the Seeds

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Hi Oscar,
Can a New Moon be a Supermoon? Yours, Gemma

Hi Gemma, A New Moon represents planting the seed of a new cycle; the size of the actual seed doesn't determine the potential for growth. So while a Full Supermoon indicates that the culmination of a process will be fulfilling, a New Supermoon holds just as much hope; it's just that the onus is on us to provide the nourishment and energy to push projects and plans through to completion. Yours, Oscar

Friday April 5

Flickering Flame

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Tonight's dark sky, created by the New Moon, brings an opportunity to project a new vision for the future, and take action to encourage its arrival. And if there's one place in the sky where the New Moon can stimulate action, it's when it's in dynamic Aries! As Mercury links encouragingly with Saturn this weekend, it highlights the difference between aggression and assertiveness. It encourages the measured thinking required to turn the night's flickering flame into a light that lasts.

Saturday April 6

Your Week Ahead

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We all experience desires for things we can't have. Sometimes that's because there's a difference between what we think we want and the unrealistic yearnings of our hearts. Yet, as the Sun and Saturn link this week, they open a window in which a dream can become a reality. Transformation isn't easy; it takes imagination and commitment to create change. But when motives are pure, and with open and optimistic hearts, a close inspection of what seems like an impossible situation will reveal the key to success.

Sunday April 7

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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