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April 8 2019 to April 14 2019

Monday April 8

You've Been Framed

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Last year, the artist Banksy hid a remote-control machine in a picture frame and used it to shred his work moments after it was auctioned at Sotheby's. When the blade malfunctioned and stopped midway, the artwork became even more valuable. We hear of people making sacrifices for their art; but more often than not, it's just the price that needs to be paid for creativity. As Venus prepares to converge with Neptune, even though letting go of something we value is never easy, it will be worth it. Inspiration will follow.

Tuesday April 9

A New Paradigm

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As Venus begins to converge with Neptune, it forms a sharp link with Uranus. This suggests that despite an initial shock, the change that's on its way will be welcome and accepted. One thing that unites both life's greatest pleasures and its hardships is that nothing lasts forever. And while we must sometimes fight to preserve what we have, there are times when it's wiser to embrace the natural flow that takes us into unchartered waters. Today, we can begin to appreciate the value of entering a new paradigm.

Wednesday April 10

Wise Choices

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Jupiter is still travelling through its home sign of Sagittarius, where it is unfettered by the need to adapt to the characteristics of a less familiar celestial home. Since Jupiter is the planet of luck, wealth and adventure, this bodes well for all. Yet the magnification of power also intensifies its current effect as the planet of fortune reverses through our skies. With the change of direction, we may find that growth slows a little. But this affords us time to ask meaningful questions. Wise choices can now be made.

Thursday April 11

Words of Wisdom

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Thanks to Mercury's retrograde movement, its alignment with Jupiter tomorrow is the third time the two planets have connected this way in as many months. This time though, with the planet of communication moving forwards purposefully, it's Jupiter's turn to be dragging its feet. It suggests that any moments spent in thoughtful consideration will be time well spent. Mercury's link with Pluto yesterday indicates that hidden truths can be uncovered. They say that knowledge is power. Wisdom can be gained today.

Friday April 12


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Earlier this week, when the Sun made a tense alignment with Saturn, the cosmos was testing us to see what we most value. It highlighted an opportunity to consider what's essential and what we most want to protect. This weekend, as the Sun links first with Pluto, then with Jupiter and Mars, the cosmos provides tools to consolidate power and move beyond a fear. Though it's important to be able to justify any actions we take, with the insight on offer we have the ability to transform any situation for the better.

Saturday April 13

Your Week Ahead

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A Blue Moon occurs when a second Full Moon takes place in a calendar month. It doesn't happen very often. Rarer still, is a second Full Moon in the same sign, like this week's second Full Moon in Libra; it's known as an Astrological Blue Moon. This one comes just after Mercury has entered Aries, and emphasises how new understandings can grow from honest, heartfelt communication. As Venus and the Sun prepare to change signs, they energise this potential. Both personal and international relations will be enlightened this week.

Sunday April 14

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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