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April 15 2019 to April 21 2019

Monday April 15

Give and Get Back

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Following the Sun's alliance with Jupiter at the weekend, Venus now makes a more tense alignment. Yet, with Venus representing harmony, union and peaceful exchanges, it's hard to imagine this tension causing a long-term problem. It's more likely to create an air of suspense in anticipation of a decision that's still in the balance. Although we need to ensure that enthusiasm doesn't stop wise choices being made, this isn't time to hold back. If we put our hearts into what we're doing, we'll get back more than we give.

Tuesday April 16

Out of the Shadow

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Tomorrow, Mercury changes signs after a long stay in Pisces. As it enters Aries, it leaves behind its 'shadow'. This 'shadow' describes the time Mercury spends recovering the ground it lost during its backwards journey across the sky. Although not as frustrating, it does re-hash some familiar themes as we look to correct the issues that arose during its retrogradation. But with the planet of communication moving into new territory, we can at last leave unwanted stresses behind and focus on what's exciting and new.

Wednesday April 17

A Potent Portent

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As we approach Good Friday, there's a worthy celestial event arising. The Libran Moon climbs above the horizon at the end of the week. It's the second Full Moon to arrive in Libra, thus making it an Astrological Full Blue Moon - a rare and powerful event. It suggests that an important milestone can be achieved. The illumination it brings, plus the fulfilment it promises, will help us to realise ambitious goals for ourselves and in relationships too. It's a potent portent for the holiday season that lies ahead.

Thursday April 18

Cosmic Signposts

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The Easter Astrological Full Blue Moon stirs deep emotions inside even the most hard-hearted amongst us. Profound experiences and meaningful encounters are in the offing. But the Moon won't do the trick all by itself. If we want to take advantage of this powerful promise, we need to roll up our sleeves. If we add energy and enthusiasm to the mix, we'll see just how much support can be called upon. If a significant change of approach is overdue, there will be clear cosmic signposts indicating the best route forward.

Friday April 19

Chocs Ahoy!

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If chocolate eggs taste especially sweet this Easter, that'll be because the Sun is moving into sensual and satisfying Taurus this weekend. It brings a renewed interest in the delights of the senses. Meanwhile Venus enters Aries, making us a little less patient, as well as fanning the flames of passion. It's no time to hide hearts away from sleeves or to try to suppress emotions. As the Astrological Full Blue Moon rises, if we are to gain the sense of fulfilment we desire, we'll need to display our true feelings.

Saturday April 20

Your Week Ahead

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It's all action stations as Venus enters Aries this weekend. Although the Sun is leaving the sign of the ram, there's no indication of calm on the horizon - at least not yet. Before that can happen, Venus converges with newly Taurean Uranus, ripping up the rulebook and agitating the status quo. If that sounds like an exhausting prospect, Pluto's retrograde movement indicates that matters aren't entirely out of our hands. As the Mars-Neptune link approaches there are imaginative ways that we can take advantage of the situation.

Sunday April 21

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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