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April 22 2019 to April 28 2019

Monday April 22

Strange Segue

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'And now for something completely different' was the catchphrase Monty Python used to segue between daft situations; and Spike Milligan would walk towards the camera shouting 'What are we going to do now'! The Sun and Uranus' conjunction has a similarly dramatic if less comedic effect. The goalposts are shifting as new objectives become more definable. With a little creativity and imagination, we'll find that far from being a breakdown, this is much more of a breakthrough.

Tuesday April 23

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They say that it's better to rip off a plaster than to peel it slowly away. No matter how carefully this is done, it's more painful than a short, sharp shock. As the Sun moves from converging with revolutionary Uranus to make a sharp angle with sensitive Neptune, it may feel appropriate to apply a gentle approach today. But sometimes this simply prolongs the agony. The coming change should be welcomed, not feared. It's part of the healing process, and a step in the right direction.

Wednesday April 24

You and Your Shadow

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Despite having been demoted to the status of a minor planet, astrologers ascribe Pluto with the same level of importance. Since it represents hidden motives (and has always been tricky to pigeonhole) its reclassification and fluctuating status seem strangely apt. Pluto likes to work from the shadows. As it now turns retrograde, we're encouraged to face up to what's going on behind the scenes. There may be some skeletons hiding in the closet, but in choosing to root them out, power can be consolidated.

Thursday April 25

An Astrologer's Home

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Dear Oscar,
I wish I could buy you a castle to show you my appreciation for your brand of medicine. IMHO you've certainly earned it! Steve - a former astrological sceptic.

Hi Steve, You're more than welcome to buy me a castle, thank you! But as Mars and Neptune move towards a tense relationship this weekend, it's important we don't over extend ourselves trying to keep promises we should never have made. Beware of eyes being larger than stomachs!

Friday April 26

Steamy Situations

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Whenever the imaginative and glamorous planet of dreams aligns with excitable and fiery Mars, as it does this weekend, we're in for steamy situations. With such reduced visibility, it's worth taking time to reflect before rushing in too fast. With revolutionary Uranus adding to the energy, it might be tempting to sacrifice everything chasing after the enticingly 'new'. While it's important to pursue vision with passion now, it's also worth checking that we're being seduced by worthwhile progress rather than pleasing folly.

Saturday April 27

Your May Monthly Forecast

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As Mars opposes Jupiter this month, it's as if it fuels a rocket. Yet, it's never quite as simple as pointing in the right direction, turning the key and arriving at an ideal destination. Before that can happen, Mercury's link with Uranus suggests that there are uncharted territories to explore. The Scorpio Full Moon, along with Venus' activity later in May, encourages curiosity and a spirited quest for adventure. As long as we're guided by our hearts, and invest energy into the journey, transformational discoveries can be made.

Sunday April 28

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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