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May 6 2019 to May 12 2019

Monday May 6

Seed Points

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Since New Moons bring new beginnings and potential for growth they are sometimes known as 'seed points'... so, where better to plant a seed than in the fertile soil of earthy Taurus? If the zodiac is a garden, it's here we find the most succulent of vegetable patches! Yet, no matter how rich the soil, nothing tastes good if it's not given the time to ripen. The effect of dynamic Mars indicates that in the wake of the Taurean New Moon, although something may look as if it's ready, it needs more time to mature.

Tuesday May 7

Royal Baby!

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If ever we needed a sign of a new era or new beginning, it came yesterday with the arrival of Harry and Meghan's baby. Sunrise is always an auspicious time to arrive on planet Earth, but since the sun represents royalty, it is particularly significant for the baby prince. Smart and ambitious, this is someone who knows what they want and will be motivated to go out and get it. Whatever he decides to do, he will make it successful. And, with his strong sense of natural justice, he will be able to use his charmed life, his passion and rugged enthusiasm for the good of us all. Read my full article here.

Wednesday May 8

Exploring Alternatives

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Mercury recently entered Taurus. Perhaps that's why 'patience' has been the mood for several days now. When the planet of communication spends time in an earth sign it likes to take a theme from its host. This makes sudden changes of mind less likely, which is fine as long as the status quo is providing enough interest and satisfaction. Today there's a shake up, as Uranus the innovator of the zodiac links with Mercury. It's a great chance to transform any tired ideas and explore alternatives.

Thursday May 9

Facing the Music

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Over the next few days the restrictions that Saturn (the great teacher) placed on Venus (the planet of love) will be lifted. As Venus harmonises with Jupiter and Pluto, there's a sense of freedom, exploration and growth, plus the possibility of taking control of these feelings and using them advantageously. But, it will take a creative approach to really benefit from this cosmic blessing - the link between Jupiter and Pluto is not easy. But even if we have to face some music, it doesn't mean it won't be harmonious.

Friday May 10

Travel Agency

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How far can we travel with confidence and imagination? Looking at some of the people in positions of power, I'd say it's pretty far indeed! There's a difference between telling people what they want to hear, and working towards turning dreams into reality. Yesterday, the courageous Sun linked encouragingly with inspirational Neptune. This weekend, it harmonises with determined Saturn. That's not just a vision of success. It's the foundations to build it on, and the integrity to see it through.

Saturday May 11

Your Week Ahead

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Emotions are wild creatures. Even those that appear tame sometimes decide to bite. So, does that mean we shouldn't invite them into our lives? No! The reward is worth the risk. But even though omelettes can't be made without breaking eggs, we sometimes have to walk very carefully on eggshells that we don't want to crack. Feelings run high this week as Mars moves into Cancer. But as Venus enters Taurus, and Mercury makes positive links, there are opportunities to sensitively smooth things over in order to get what we want.

Sunday May 12

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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