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May 27 2019 to June 2 2019

Monday May 27

Brocolli Battles

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Several years ago, physicists at Washington State University created a liquid with negative mass. It violates the rules of energy so that when pushed in one direction, it accelerates in the other. This may sound like a breakthrough, but I achieve a similar feat with my son in our regular broccoli battles! We all experience situations when the harder we struggle the more we seem to be thwarted. Hopefully the past weekend wasn't too frustrating. But even if it was, coming events bring a more positive force.

Tuesday May 28

Universal Truth

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Dear Oscar,
I've been reading Cainer astrology for many years. Your predictions are always upbeat. Is the universe always kind to us... or do you just have a way of making us feel eternally hopeful? Yours, Baba.

Dear Baba, I think the Universe just 'is'. As long as we remain open to possibilities, whatever challenges arise, it provides the tools to meet them. This becomes the experience we draw upon. So, to me, there's no point wasting energy on worrying! Yours, Oscar,

Wednesday May 29

Minor Grand Trine

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In an exciting cosmic development, two planetary patterns are beginning to form. Mercury moving opposite Jupiter is grabbing the headlines; with each forming simultaneous links with Neptune. Meanwhile Venus links with Saturn and Neptune in a 'Minor Grand Trine'. So, while Mercury and Jupiter promise adventurous challenges, Venus provides the creativity to rise to the occasion. We're tougher than we realise. And we're easily resourceful enough to be able to profit from any crazy situations that may arise.

Thursday May 30

The Best Way Forward

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The influence of Mercury (communication), in its own sign of Gemini for six more days, is particularly strong now. Jupiter (luck and enthusiasm), is also around half way through a rare visit home in Sagittarius. Ditto Neptune (dreams and intuition), eight years through a 14-year stay in Pisces. If these three were in a boardroom, you'd expect lively discussions about the future of the company! Yet, despite what our politicians struggle to demonstrate, it IS possible to reach consensus on the best way forward.

Friday May 31

Encouraging News

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In order to triumph over adversity a degree of concentration and sacrifice are required. But who would take on a challenge if they weren't feeling inspired? Hard work, without an idea of what we're working towards, feels like we're digging ourselves into a hole, at the bottom of a cul-de-sac, in the wrong end of town! So, as Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune form their magical T-Square alignment, it's important to capitalise on this cosmic opportunity to see the bigger picture. This weekend brings encouraging news.

Saturday June 1

Your June Monthly Forecast

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The ancient gods of sea and sky combine this Solstice month. Adventurous thunder god Jupiter realigns with visionary Neptune for the second time this year. And with the Sun and Venus perfectly placed to create exciting astrological patterns, there's a call for bold creativity in sensitive situations. As fiery Mars and inquisitive Mercury combine opposite Pluto, the horizon is not without its storms. Yet, Saturn provides a willing anchor to ensure that progress can be made without drifting into difficult waters.

Sunday June 2

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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