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June 3 2019 to June 9 2019

Monday June 3

Ignorance Is Bliss

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People consult astrologers when they're seeking insight into the unknown. Although we can all feel worried by what lies ahead, being in the dark isn't always a bad thing. Some surprises are meant to be surprises... and sometimes ignorance is bliss! As kindly, creative Venus harmonises with secretive, hidden Pluto, the planet of love banishes ideas of sabotage and subterfuge. The Gemini New Moon brings the chance to try something different. As long as we keep our eyes open, we will like what we see.

Tuesday June 4

Being Vulberable

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As Mercury, the planet of communication, moves into sensitive Cancer today, things will get more emotional. It can be shocking when an unexpected sign of someone's humanity breaks through their professional fašade. Yet, seeing their vulnerable side can bring a more human element to a relationship. Showing how much we care helps to get our point across and prevents the conversation from staying 'cold'. When we don't fear our feelings, the bonds we create are well worth nurturing.

Wednesday June 5


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Although few people know what a 'sesquiquadrate' is, we'll all be feeling its effects. It's an angle of 135 degrees between two planets. It creates an underlying tension; a sense that something will happen, we just don't know what! As optimistic Jupiter and iconoclastic Uranus invigorate the sense of what's possible in our lives, any background anxiety can be put to rest. Although some things must end for progress to be made, an ability to adapt suggests that we'll be able to take advantage of some surprising opportunities.

Thursday June 6

The Venus Way

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Valuable information. Kind words. Beautiful ideas. These are some of the delights that Venus' upcoming change of signs portends. Does that mean we'll get everything our own way? Of course not! Especially if we decide 'our way' is something different to what it was a short time ago. With Venus' first order of business involving a tricky Mars connection, there's potential for a little frustration in the air. But it will also be invigorating, interesting and, above all, necessary. Add a spark of creativity and fun too.

Friday June 7

Plenty of Good

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This weekend, the Sun links with Neptune and Jupiter to form a powerful celestial alignment. It's a part of a story that rumbles on until September, but that doesn't mean we need to wait that long to feel the benefits. Actually, to take advantage of what it represents, we must be brave enough to act, even in the face of uncertainty. Some opportunities are too good to be true. But if we place faith in our ability to rise to challenges, the climate of cosmic positivity ensures that there's plenty of good to be explored and enjoyed.

Saturday June 8

Your Week Ahead

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The good news is that the second of 2019's Jupiter and Neptune 'squares' occurs next weekend. Sometimes, the build-up to major events can make us giddy with anticipation; the sense of occasion gets to us and we lose our ability to concentrate. But, with the Sun's courageous and purposeful nature encouraged by Jupiter this week, this is no time for distractions. The determination and energy required to achieve objectives is available - as long as we stay focused on what really matters.

Sunday June 9

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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