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June 10 2019 to June 16 2019

Monday June 10

Imagine That

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The Sun positions itself opposite Jupiter today. This important moment occurs every year as the source of our heat and light makes its way around the zodiac. But it's not every year that Neptune is found sitting halfway between them. This powerful confluence brings a sense of adventure and creativity. It's time to be excited about opportunities that are arriving and take bold steps forward. Imagination is a powerful thing... but it's even more so now that the cosmos is offering us a chance to will it into reality.

Tuesday June 11

Following a Dream

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Yesterday we talked about the powerful combination of imagination, purpose and will, as the go-getting Sun, visionary Neptune and adventurous Jupiter combined. But this isn't the only astral pattern influencing us. The relationship between the Sun and Neptune is also being expressed through unorthodox Uranus. It brings a reminder that the subconscious is a powerful asset, but it has no impact unless it's translated into tangible action. Today brings clear moments of 'awakening' that follow a dream.

Wednesday June 12

Thrills and Spills

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Recently, following a shopping delivery, I realised that a bottle of olive oil had broken. Aargh! It took hours to clean up... every time I thought I had finished I would find somewhere else it had spilt. In the great celestial supermarket delivery from the sky, I feel the same way about Neptune. Wherever we look at the moment, we find its influence seeping in. Luckily this isn't something that needs cleaning up before it damages the carpet. Instead, we just need to be sensitive to the subtle flavour it brings!

Thursday June 13

Back to Earth

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Tomorrow, Mars moves opposite Saturn. Mercury makes the same alignment this weekend. So despite the sensitive, ephemeral, dreamy effect Neptune is having, there's a keen sense of needing to knuckle down and remain grounded. No one likes their bubble to be burst, or rain to fall on their parade. But 'coming back to earth' needn't be a negative experience. The passion of Mars mixed with Saturn's perseverance enables us to take strong steps to achieve what would otherwise remain a distant dream.

Friday June 14

Opportunity Knocks

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The second of 2019's three powerful Jupiter-Neptune alignments becomes exact this weekend. But this peak in their relationship won't necessarily result in a 'major life crescendo'. The manifestations of their celestial relationship are likely to have been felt for some time and won't dissipate for a while - especially with Venus set to inject her influence into the mix. If we want to take full advantage of the opportunity this weekend brings, it's worth defining where we want it to lead.

Saturday June 15

Your Week Ahead

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This week not only brings the Solstice; it also hosts a competition between enthusiastic, adventurous Jupiter and imaginative, dreamy Neptune to see who can conjure up the most exciting plans for the coming weekend. They create a frisson of excitement that encourages innovative moves forward. With Mercury and Mars converging opposite Pluto, there's little chance of being able to take a back seat and watch the action. If we respond to impulses and hunches, breakthroughs are possible.

Sunday June 16

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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