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June 17 2019 to June 23 2019

Monday June 17

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Tonight's Full Moon takes place in Jupiter's home of Sagittarius; with this adventurous planet hovering close by. With spiritual Neptune's influence still strong, a search for deeper meaning is coming to a climax. This isn't a realisation that can be reached by intellect alone... it marks an epiphany of the soul; reached via a journey along a road that involves allowing ourselves room for improvisation. That doesn't mean closing our eyes and hoping for the best. But it does mean we need to follow our hearts.

Tuesday June 18

Getting Real

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Last weekend, Jupiter and Neptune formed the second of their trilogy of major alignments in 2019. Today it's Saturn and Neptune's turn to reach the middle of their three-act play. Though Neptune's link with Saturn isn't as dramatic as its relationship with Jupiter this year, it's an important subplot that complements the other. It encourages a dose of realism in what could otherwise be an unrealistic flight of fantasy, and helps ground the inspiration flowing into our lives so that it can be turned into tangible reality.

Wednesday June 19

The Right Thing for the Right Reason

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Yesterday, Mercury and Mars converged as they both began to move opposite Pluto. With the approaching Solstice ushering in a time of reflection, this represents a powerful moment to push through a long-held agenda. Not all secrets are guilty. And just because work takes place in private, it doesn't have to involve daggers as well as cloaks. We're discovering the inner strength to make difficult but necessary decisions. The cosmos brings calm, so that actions are taken for only the right reasons.

Thursday June 20

Wish Come True

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Though tomorrow's Solstice is deservedly the most attention-grabbing event in this busy celestial climate, there are other important factors that must not be overlooked. This weekend, when Venus becomes the latest planet to move opposite Jupiter, they direct their combined energies towards Neptune, as it begins its journey backwards across the sky. Inspiration will be in the air, as dreams are highlighted. With the Solstice magic adding to the mix, wishes really can come true.

Friday June 21


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Happy Solstice! The celestial pendulum stands still today, as the Sun reaches the turning point of its perpetual swing across the heavens. It's a moment when we can all experience pivotal moments in our journeys. As the big wheel shifts, and natural order pauses for breath, life reaches a crescendo. It's a time to look back and understand, but it also opens horizons and helps us visualise a positive future. When we can combine hope with experience we can create a powerful legacy over this Solstice weekend.

Saturday June 22

Your Week Ahead

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The characters in the film, Inception, explore a world in which time and space fold in on themselves. But, despite Neptune, the planet of dreams, now apparently moving backwards across our skies, we're not trapped in a nightmare from which we can't awake. As Venus links with Jupiter and Neptune, it brings kindness and creativity to crazy situations. And, as astute Mercury enters playful Leo this week, if we're brave enough to look closely, we'll be able to see the charms hidden in the challenges.

Sunday June 23

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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