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July 1 2019 to July 7 2019

Monday July 1

Eclipse Ahoy!

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The Sun will disappear behind the Moon in a spectacular Solar Eclipse tomorrow. I say spectacular, but unless you happen to be in Chile or Argentina you probably won't notice anything different about your day. Or, at least, not in terms of the amount of sunshine. But, with the Eclipse taking place in Cancer, the Moon's home, and Mars entering the Leo, the home of the Sun, this is not the kind of event that will slip under the emotional radar. No matter where we are, this is a moment to savour.

Tuesday July 2

A New Phase

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The Moon is New in its celestial home of Cancer. But it's not entirely absent from our skies today. In South America it creates a spectacular Solar Eclipse by blotting out the Sun; whose emergence from the shadows will mirror emotional developments in our lives. It stimulates the need for action and encourages us to move forwards towards a new phase of life, inspired by the vision of how things could be. It's not a sign that all problems will disappear. But it will help us to do something about them.

Wednesday July 3

Point Taken

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Though the Eclipse has been the main focus of attention, it's not working in isolation. Since the weekend, Mercury has been in the midst of an alignment known as the Finger Of The World. As Jupiter and Neptune direct their energies through Mercury, it might have felt as if we've had a head full of buzzing ideas which are hard to formulate into coherent plans. But the Solar Eclipse gave birth to a moment of clarity. Soon, we'll finally be able to point our fingers in the right direction.

Thursday July 4

State of Independence

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Happy Fourth of July! It's Independence Day in the US. As a Brit, it may seem strange that I celebrate a day that marked the beginning of a war that my home nation lost. But it's important to recognise the moment that people take important steps towards creating a better future for themselves... even if it means that we become less closely entwined. With Venus now in Cancer, we'll begin to feel more nurturing towards those we love. But if we truly care, we must also allow them to be free.

Friday July 5

The Good Fight

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Few Americans regret their Declaration of Independence. But not all decisions, at least in the short term, are vindicated to such a degree. As Mercury slows to a halt and begins to edge backwards across the heavens this weekend, the close relationship it has had with Mars, since mid-June, is again coming to a head. It calls us to question why we've fought some battles, especially if we're no longer sure that we want what we fought for. Fortunately, we have time to alter our own course of history.

Saturday July 6

High As a Kite

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Mercury and Mars converged in mid-June and, with normally fleet of foot Mercury slowing towards its reversal this weekend, they have hardly left each other's sides. This creates an environment in which tempers can flare and hasty words can be said. Yet this week's 'Astrological Kite' alignment encourages us to take responsibility for our actions and draws out our empathy skills. With Mars and Uranus linking, exciting progress can be made, but first, we must acknowledge where things have gone awry.

Sunday July 7

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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