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July 8 2019 to July 14 2019

Monday July 8

Change of Mind

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People who change their minds are sometimes seen as uncaring - as if they have little regard for the impact their decisions will have on everyone else. But often it's because they care so much that they agonise over details and make last-minute alterations. As retrograde Mercury's alignment with Mars peaks today, a sense of frustration is likely as we find ourselves re-examining plans we thought were settled. But the Venus-Uranus link means the process may not be as difficult as we imagine.

Tuesday July 9

Something Good

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Hi Oscar, You often say that something good is going to happen in your forecasts, but that we need to muster energy for this. Why do I need to gather energy for something good? Yours L.
Hi L., 'Astra inclinant, non necessitant' is the principle behind my work. The stars set the stage and play the music but it's up to us if we want to dance! So, even when conditions are highly favourable, if we want something good to happen, we must be willing to play our part. Yours Oscar

Wednesday July 10

High as a Kite

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Tomorrow, the Sun creates a 'trine' (an angle of 120 degrees) with Neptune. Within a few hours, the Moon also positions itself 120 degrees away from both the Sun and Neptune. Normally this configuration is called a 'Grand Trine', but Saturn's presence complicates matters. Instead, a 'Kite' shape emerges. This takes the Grand Trine's benign strength, and encourages its expression through Saturn. No matter how tough the road towards fulfilling ambitions, we have the resources to make it a success.

Thursday July 11


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A reminder popped up on my social media recently about something my son used to do. Instead of saying 'surprise' he would amalgamate the words 'super-why'. As Mars makes a passionate and dynamic link with revolutionary Uranus today, not everything will go smoothly. When we're passionate about instigating a dramatic change, there are bound to be challenges and unforeseen obstacles. But there are unexpected ways to rise to the situation. Don't ask 'why?' now. Just revel in what's super!

Friday July 12


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This weekend, the Sun opposes Pluto ahead of next week's Lunar Eclipse and shines its spotlight on something that's been hidden. Motives are being revealed and the power we have at our disposal is becoming apparent. Secrets are uncomfortable to keep, so some of this knowledge might be startling. This is part of a process that began at the start of the year. The time is approaching when fears can be quelled and a worrying situation can be transformed into an advantageous position.

Saturday July 13

Your Week Ahead

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I'm rather partial to a partial eclipse! And even though only some of the Moon's face turns red this week, this isn't the sort of blemish that can be Photo-shopped out like a pimple. Though subtle in appearance, it has an integral part to play in making the Capricorn Full Moon a special event. Pluto's proximity to the phenomenon emphasises the hidden powers available. As Venus opposes Saturn, although we may not be completely free to follow our hearts, the transformations that can take place can be life-changing.

Sunday July 14

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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