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July 22 2019 to July 28 2019

Monday July 22

Tunnel Vision

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Moving through challenging astrological processes encourages strength and resilience. As Mercury, the planet of communication moves backwards across the sky, it asks us to question some of our decisions, and creates the potential for self-doubt. The influence of transformative Pluto ensures that, although there's light ahead, we have to go through a tunnel first. But tomorrow, our brightest light, the Sun, returns to Leo, its celestial home. Soon, the tests will be over, and playtime can begin.

Tuesday July 23

Turnaround Bright Eyes

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As the Sun returns home to Leo today it's new position of strength provides motivation for us to join in and play the game, even if we're not sure of the rules. Like the tentative steps of a bear emerging from hibernation into the beauty of the world, it enables us to reconcile with a source of creativity that has been dormant. A dramatic turnaround is on its way. As we're encouraged to reconnect with what makes us special, the energy available brings a renewed sense of optimism and the will to excite positive change.

Wednesday July 24

Inner Nature

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Dear Oscar,
Although I've always considered myself to be an honest person, recent events have caused me to decide not to be 100 per cent truthful if it's not in my best interest. I'm Libran and fed up of losing out to those who are more 'flexible' with the truth. What are your thoughts on this? Sue

Dear Sue, As a fellow Libran, I know how easy it is to get worked up around issues of fairness - especially when we feel like victims of injustice! We needn't live like saints, but the path to happiness is never malicious. Be true to your inner nature! Oscar

Thursday July 25

The Right Path

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Strong Mars and adventurous Jupiter harmonise just as Mercury converges with Venus today. We all desire to become something greater, and today's alignments passionately call us to push the boundaries of what's possible. It's just that, with Mercury retrograde, we may have trouble discerning which avenue is best to pursue. Despite how we feel, we can't follow every path that appears before us. Yet if we block out the noise and listen to our hearts, we can comfortably find our way.

Friday July 26

Royal Visit

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When I'm writing, I take a look at what the planets are doing across the zodiac, scribble down a few key ideas, and work from there. For today, I wrote three words that seem to sum up the astrological climate: Have more fun! This time next week, Mercury will have finished its tricky retrograde journey through the sky. But this weekend, Venus changes signs. All hail Her Majesty! The queen of kindness and creativity takes a regal position in playful, charming Leo. That's a weekend worth enjoying!

Saturday July 27

Your August Monthly Forecast

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With two New Moons this month, the second is 'kind of blue'. So, does that imply that August is going to be about being in a low mood? No! This news is music to our ears! Just like innovative Miles Davis, August's first New Moon breaks new ground by linking with Uranus as Mercury changes direction. The following Full Moon opposite Venus suggests something beautiful will emerge from unseen efforts to jazz things up. With the Blue New Moon forming a Grand Trine, we can move forward in our own sweet way!

Sunday July 28

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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