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July 29 2019 to August 4 2019

Monday July 29

Break the Rules

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Amy Winehouse wrote a song called Love Is A Losing Game. If you google the words 'game' and 'love' you get more hits than you can shake a drumstick at. Playful hearts inspire joy, passion and excitement. With Venus now in dramatic yet trusting Leo, it's wise to remember that games require luck as well as skill. There's always a possibility that we might be at a disadvantage because we don't understand someone else's rules. Yet, as the Sun links with Uranus today, some rules are made to be broken!

Tuesday July 30

Finger of Fate

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A 'Finger of Fate' is formed when a celestial body, like Mars, makes uncomfortable links with a pair of planets which are in a harmonious relationship, like Saturn and Neptune are now. It hints at the ability to overcome struggles by embracing elements of life we're not used to working with. This Finger of Fate isn't the closest of alignments. But, even if the cosmos is making only a vague gesture, the inspiring path it directs us towards is worth pursuing with energy and determination today.

Wednesday July 31

Fast and Loose

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We talked recently about how some rules are made to be broken. This is especially true when we're the ones who have set them! As the New Moon approaches a tense relationship with revolutionary Uranus, be ready to embrace the idea of doing things differently. It's time to push the limits of our imagination and believe in how things could be, rather than resign ourselves to how they are. Stability and tradition are important. But sometimes playing fast and loose is the only way to win.

Thursday August 1

New Moon in Leo

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The Leo New Moon isn't the only shadow worth considering. Tonight, as the Moon and Sun converge, Mercury emerges from the shadow of its backwards journey through the skies. Now that it's finally travelling in new territory, it's time to look at answering tomorrow's questions, rather than sorting out yesterday's trouble. This spark of innovative energy arrives just in time to make the most of the New Moon's creativity, and ensures that any seeds we plant have a chance to blossom dramatically.

Friday August 2

Creative Freedom

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Venus and the Sun may not converge until the next Full Moon, but they're close enough for the anticipation of their sweet embrace to permeate our lives. Like the smell of perfume in an empty room, or the sound of footsteps arriving at our door, there's a scent of excitement and attraction filling the air. In this heightened state, we may be surprised by some of our emotional decisions. Yet as Venus and Uranus align, our hearts can be trusted with the creative freedom to act freely this weekend.

Saturday August 3

Your Week Ahead

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The tectonic plates separating Europe and America move closer together at the same pace that fingernails grow. Jupiter, the planet of growth, is presently travelling backwards, at a similarly laborious pace as it prepares to change direction next weekend. But, with the Sun and Venus both loosely pointed at by a Finger of Fate alignment involving Saturn and Neptune this week, no matter how difficult a task or slow the progress, if we combine effort with creativity, we'll have the ability to nail it!

Sunday August 4

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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