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August 5 2019 to August 11 2019

Monday August 5

What is the FInger of Fate?

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Dear Oscar,
What is 'The Finger Of Fate' and why is it called this? Philip

Hi Philip, In the current example, Saturn and Neptune are loosely linked to form an operational base. Any planets in mid-Leo making alignments to this create challenges which can be overcome using the combined strength of the 'base' planets. This creates a finger-like arrow pointing across the zodiac towards the sign of the Lion. It's a case of the cosmos pointing us in an unusual direction so that we can solve issues with surprising ease. Yours Oscar

Tuesday August 6

Safe As Houses?

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Hi Oscar,
I understand decisions about moving, property, etc, should be avoided during Mercury's retrograde phase. I'm thinking of selling my flat - should I wait? Fiona

Hi Fiona, Jonathan always said that rather than being about frustration, delay and impaired communication, Mercury retrograde is (or should be) concerned with renegotiation, arbitration, realisation and inspiration. I'd add that the Moon has a strong bearing on our sense of home, so as Mercury turned direct during last week's New Moon, it's probably safe to start house hunting!

Wednesday August 7

Leading Lights

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'Anything you can do, I can do better, I can do anything better than you!' goes the song in Annie Get Your Gun. Yet, it's not firepower I want to focus on, but the copycat nature of Venus and the Sun's relationship. Today, the Sun forms a supportive link with slowing Jupiter, which is about to begin moving forwards again; while Venus repeats this alignment tomorrow. These leading lights are actually working in harmony. And Jupiter will show us just how far they can take us!

Thursday August 8

Copy That

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Sometimes my five-year-old plays a copying game with me. When asked to stop, he exclaims, 'I'm not copying you! You're just saying what I was going to say before me!' We spoke yesterday about how Venus' movements are mirroring the Sun's. But they're not delivering the same message - each has something unique to say. As the Sun is now the focus of the Finger of Fate, courage and conviction is required. But the involvement of Venus means that creativity and companionship will be pivotal.

Friday August 9

Being Creative

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Creativity is the name of today's game. The Sun in its celestial home focuses on excellence, while Venus calls for high-quality artistic expression. This weekend, as a freshly direct Mercury, the planet of communication, curiosity and conundrum-solving, re-enters charming and charismatic Leo, there be should enough dramatic licence for us all to engage in some playful positive thinking. And with Jupiter also about to turn direct, we can afford to approach life with some new-found enthusiasm!

Saturday August 10

Your Week Ahead

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Jupiter finally begins its journey forwards through the sky this weekend. At last, the free-spirited planet is able to explore new horizons, instead of going back over old ground. Yet as Jupiter's momentum shifts, Uranus, the planet of change and dramatic progress, begins its own march backwards through the sky. So will any new-found enthusiasm lead us down blind alleys? Fortunately clarity isn't far away. The Full Moon opposite Venus suggests that emotional insight will enable powerful realisations.

Sunday August 11

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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