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August 12 2019 to August 18 2019

Monday August 12

Make Things Click

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Uranus today begins to retreat across the Taurean territory it has only just begun to establish itself in. Given how emphatically Uranus likes to change things, it could easily feel as if we're being forced to backtrack and admit that recent alterations were too drastic. Uranus is used to throwing babies out with bathwater, yet its progress through stable, secure Taurus will be more gradual. Nothing's going to happen with a snap of fingers. But, with persistence, there'll be ways to make things click.

Tuesday August 13

Slow Burner

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Hi Oscar,
Taureans awaited the arrival of Uranus in their sign with bated breath. Yet I've barely felt anything different since it returned there in March. I'd love some positive change. When will we experience the Uranus Effect? Yours, Jenny

Hi Jenny, The best way, is to stop 'waiting'! Uranus wants to spur us on, not drag us along behind it. Yet as it remains in Taurus for several years, it might be helpful to remember that this particular Rome wasn't built, (or destroyed!) in a day. Best... Oscar

Wednesday August 14


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Rome, as we talked about yesterday, wasn't destroyed in a day. But that doesn't mean people haven't tried to get rid of it! Be it Vandal or Visigoth, Norman axes or Nero's flames, the eternal city has endured many trials and tribulations. Yet it remains one of the world's most beautiful and culturally valuable destinations. Today, as the Full Moon approaches, and Venus conjuncts the Sun, we're reminded that no matter what we face, we must ensure the best part of us, our hearts, don't just survive, but thrive.

Thursday August 15

Full Moon

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Two weeks ago the Moon was hidden. Tonight it's full face beams down from Aquarius. But it's not the only thing to have left its shadow. Mercury has finished going over old ground and is entering new territory. Not that its recent journey has been in vain. Together with tonight's Full Moon, which opposes Venus, the cosmos brings a valuable realisation; no matter how important progress is, it cannot come at the expense of emotional engagements and sentimental attachments. For a better life, we must feel more, not less.

Friday August 16

Something Worthwhile

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Mercury's busy activity, first leaving the shadow under yesterday's Full Moon, and now making a tense, exciting link with Uranus, suggests that instead of continually checking calculations and clearing up past confusion, we can take care of the decisions we've been waiting to implement. That may not sound like a laugh-a-minute; and with Mars entering Virgo this weekend, there's a sense that playtime may soon be over. Yet, even exciting games lose their fascination. Now we can tackle something more worthwhile.

Saturday August 17

Your Week Ahead

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The concept of 'hard work' could do with a rebrand. If a PR firm came up with a new phrase there would be a huge payment for their skill. How about 'goal mining' or 'achievement planting'? Yet this week's tasks don't need to be sugar-coated. As Mars enters Virgo, followed by Venus and, finally, the Sun, we'll have the energy and enthusiasm to throw ourselves into doing what needs to be done. And instead of mindlessly slaving away, we'll start seeing more creative and enjoyable avenues that lead to success!

Sunday August 18

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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