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August 19 2019 to August 25 2019

Monday August 19

Releasing the Brake

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A French philosopher-cum-football-coach used to describe his side's disappointing performances as 'playing with the handbrake on'. Often his team would do enough to win their games, but they'd make tough going of it. As Jupiter and Saturn make a tricky alignment, we won't have as much freedom to express ourselves in our work as we might like. Yet, with dynamic Mars settling into its new home in Virgo, as long as we exhibit effort and energy, special qualities will still shine through.

Tuesday August 20

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Hi Oscar,
I've read several psychic predictions which mention an important disclosure about UFOs this year. Do you see anything in the stars that might tell when this might happen? Thanks! Carol

Hi Carol, As I study the zodiac, I see plenty of Unexplained Flying Objects, but none involve flying saucers. Perhaps, I should focus on the sky itself, rather than positions of the planets! As Saturn and Pluto grow closer together towards the end of the year, fundamental secrets will be unearthed. Whether or not these are extra-terrestrial, they'll certainly be extraordinary! Best wishes, Oscar

Wednesday August 21

Art For the Jobs Sake

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We talked on Monday about how achievements can be made, even when we're not working at our highest level. I quoted the ex-manager of a famous London football team. But his players rarely went for long-stretches without being able to turn on the style. As Venus enters Virgo today, we should start to see a little more artistry creep into our everyday lives. That doesn't imply forgetting how to get the job done - it simply means taking enough care about our work to make us proud of it.

Thursday August 22

All Fingers and Thumbs

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Three planets recently lined up opposite Saturn and Neptune to form a Finger of Fate alignment. Today, Mercury is the final planet to take up its position. It's probably just as well. Although these alignments are constructive, four fingers of fate is quite a handful! It's probably a relief that there's no such thing as a Thumb of Destiny lurking around the corner! But perhaps we can count on Mercury's harmonious link with Jupiter to be the helping hand needed to get to grips with any tricky situations.

Friday August 23

Anything But Dull

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As the Sun moves into Virgo, there's no need to grow up and stop having fun. In fact, the Sun's expressive energy and playful nature brings a new level of enjoyment and success to even the smallest of ideas. The new combination of industry and excellence will affect everyday life in extraordinary ways. And the rendezvous of Mars and Venus this weekend suggests that life will be anything but dull!

Saturday August 24

Your Week Ahead

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Good things come in threes. In astrology, a 'Grand Trine', formed when three planets harmoniously link, is considered to be especially powerful and positive. So this week, with its THREE Grand Trines, is nothing short of outstanding! Moments like this come about once in a blue moon. And given that one of the trines coincides with August's second New Moon, we almost have one of those! Allied with the strength that Venus, Mars, Saturn and Uranus collectively lend us now, very little can stand in our way.

Sunday August 25

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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