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January 21 2019 to January 27 2019

Monday January 21

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

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Living in London, I had to be up before the birds to catch the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse. Yet, however bleary-eyed we eclipse-chasers may be, the impact of this celestial phenomenon won't be hard to see; and its impact, no matter where we are on the planet, will be significant. The glowing red moon offers a timely and a critical moment of clarity, especially in regards to those in positions of power. And it brings a chance to renegotiate priorities and to envisage a better, more fulfilling future. That's a realisation well worth waking up to!

Tuesday January 22


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The effect of the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse brings hope to difficult financial situations as well as improving our spiritual and emotional outlook. Venus (wealth and prosperity) was already converging with expansive Jupiter as the Moon turned red. As that alignment peaks today, it enriches a sense of optimism. Not only will we realise what's of most value, but we'll begin to appreciate better what we already have. The key to progress lies in generosity. As long as we allow our hearts to grow in kindness, our resources will increase too.

Wednesday January 23

Real World Progress

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In the aftermath of the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse, a more instinctive approach will illuminate a new way of processing information. It sometimes seems as if the people with access to the important facts and figures understand little about how the consequences of their decisions impact the real world. Mercury's movements bring exciting opportunities to engage with the nuances of critical situations. Instead of picking faults in every plan, sensitively communicating imaginative solutions is the way to make positive progress.

Thursday January 24

Star Crossed Lovers

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In this season of eclipses, a reader's letter about 'star-crossed lovers' crossed my mind. Hayley asked about the concept; how the stars might affect relationships destined to be thwarted. Yet, although the planets set the stage, the players write the script. Even tragedies can take dramatic turns and become entirely different sorts of plays. Eclipses bring powerful opportunities to renegotiate relationships. They remind us that good things require commitment, and that all the best plots include a twist and turn or two.

Friday January 25

Root Vegetable Causes

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My son likes drawing what he calls 'turnips'. When I ask him about them, he corrects himself and tells me that they are tornados. This week has seen a whirlwind of astrological activity. If you're hoping things will calm down this weekend, the celestial events seem unlikely to make life less hectic. Yet, under Mars and Jupiter's harmonious alignment, things will seem easier. The passionate energy of Mars synergises with Jupiter's good fortune. So if we determinedly push our luck, we may be delighted by a turnip for the books!

Saturday January 26

Your Week Ahead

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We've had an exciting and busy astrological start to 2019. With eclipses, and distant planets forming rare alignments, as well as bright celestial lights converging in the sky, we're moving into the year with a sense of urgency. Now, as the Sun and Mercury converge, and Saturn links encouragingly with Neptune, the cosmos brings a welcome opportunity to take stock and examine future hopes and plans. When dreams are tempered with realism, tangible possibilities can emerge. Slowing down will bring faster results this week.

Sunday January 27

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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