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January 28 2019 to February 3 2019

Monday January 28

Small Talk

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We all know people who talk a lot without saying very much. Yet, life would be very dull if every time we met friends for coffee we delved into complex, intense subjects - when all we really wanted was a giggle and a natter! Sometimes making small talk is more valuable than having deep conversations. As Mercury follows its weekend link with Jupiter by creating the same angle with Venus tomorrow, it doesn't matter if it takes one word or one thousand. Valuable connections can be made through being kind.

Tuesday January 29


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Hi Oscar,
A strange question, but how is death represented astrologically? Yours Sheila

Dear Sheila, I look at astrology as revealing the endings and beginnings of cycles in our lives rather than individual mortality. Thus Pluto, the god of the underworld, represents transformation and regeneration, and Saturn can suggest the end of a process. The coming Saturn-Neptune link is exciting because it supports transcendence from a troubled past and encourages us to build on an optimistic vision of the future.

Wednesday January 30

Flash in the Pan

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The Sun and Mercury converge today, for the first of six times this year. The last of these meetings will be very special - as we watch Mercury transit the face of the Sun. But we needn't wait until November to experience one of 2019's defining astrological aspects. Tomorrow, Saturn and Neptune hit the first peak of an encouraging relationship which moves in and out of focus throughout the year. Don't be surprised to find bright ideas coming out of nowhere. Chances are, they'll be more than a flash in the pan.

Thursday January 31

Bottled Lightning

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As Saturn and Neptune form a creative and positive link, it might well feel as if we're trying to bottle lightning. There's a fizz of excitement alongside the celestial promise that no matter how big we dare to dream, we can maintain a grip on reality. The cosmic indications are clear: imagination can be fused with purpose, and idealism will work hand in hand with a practical approach to sensible plans. The potential long-term benefits of this planetary partnership can help to create a more stable and healthy future.

Friday February 1

Open Road

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With Venus still in Sagittarius, the concept of an open road remains appealing. Yet the planet of love's link with Uranus indicates potential sudden changes of emotion, as if we're navigating hairpin bends. An injection of high-octane horsepower from Mars adds a supercar turbo to the heady emotional mix. Yet, even in a precarious situation, with so much energy flying around, there's no danger of losing control. As Venus changes signs the chequered flag is in sight. This race involves excitement and fun.

Saturday February 2

Your February Monthly Forecast

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The month of February has an air of impatience about it. With the Aquarian New Moon bisecting the relationship between Saturn (the realist) and Neptune (the dreamer), sacrifices are worth making as long as they're focused on positive advancement. As Mars converges with Uranus in Aries (for the last time until 2096), it brings both a desire to revolutionise lifestyles, and a sense of frustration... as if change can't come soon enough. But the important values of stability and security can be reinforced, in radical and innovative ways.

Sunday February 3

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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