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February 18 2019 to February 24 2019

Monday February 18

All You Need Is Love?

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'Love is all you need' sang the Beatles. But in the complex society we live in, it takes more than just love to keep us fed, clothed and looked after. Yet perhaps we can look at this lyric from another angle. Could it be that all our striving for success is just a search for more love and acceptance? As Venus converges with Saturn, and prepares to do the same with Pluto, we may be forced to ask some difficult questions. But wherever they lead, the cosmic message is clear. We're strong enough to profit from the answers.

Tuesday February 19

A Fusion of Ideas

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As the relationship between Venus and Saturn develops, there may be an uncomfortable moment as we recognise that our past open-heartedness has made us vulnerable. But far from being a call to clam up or to close down, as the Sun moves into Pisces and the Supermoon grows full, our sensitivity puts us in a better position to connect with other people. Mercury and Neptune's convergence suggests a fusion of ideas. The connections being made now will inspire a more unified future.

Wednesday February 20

Full Moon

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Although the Virgo Supermoon is the brightest light in the night sky, it doesn't tell the whole story. It's a wonderful omen - a sign that cherished dreams can become a reality - especially in the realisation of emotional goals. But as Mercury links with Saturn, we're also encouraged to think about the structures holding up our lives and relationships. We can make changes now and position ourselves on firmer ground. Much can be done to cement agreements and fortify alliances. Lasting bonds of trust can deepen.

Thursday February 21

Any Ideas?

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Ideas are like seeds. As long as they're planted in good soil, and nurtured, they can grow into something magnificent. Of course this kind of transformation involves patience and careful consideration. It's all very well trying to nurture a mighty tree, yet if it's too close to home, the roots will trouble our foundations. As Mercury prepares to link with Mars and Jupiter, as long as we listen as much as we speak, and give any ideas the freedom to develop, there'll be a satisfying harvest - just when it's most needed.

Friday February 22

Accept the Unknown

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This weekend, Venus makes its second rendezvous as it moves from safety-first Saturn to connect with Pluto, the cosmological dark horse of the zodiac. This highlights both financial and emotional investments, and signifies transformation. Hidden desires will surface. Yet with determination, these forces can be directed so that we benefit from their existence. There's no need to fear or fight what we can't control. Once the unknown is accepted, it loses its power and can even work to our advantage.

Saturday February 23

Your Week Ahead

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As the relationship between the Sun and Mars comes to a climax, this week brings an opportunity to realise the tangible gifts created by their energetic dance across the sky. Pluto's influence suggests that deeply thought through situations will be the first to profit from the encouraging celestial activities. And, as Venus links with revolutionary Uranus and enters forward-thinking Aquarius, whatever action we end up taking, the potential for inspirational progress should be enough to satisfy even the most aspirational heart.

Sunday February 24

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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