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February 25 2019 to March 3 2019

Monday February 25

Secret Powers

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None of us have as much control as we think. Although conspiracy theorists would like us to believe that the unaccountable elite is in control, such ideas belie the unruly nature of humanity. We're all members of our own secret societies, which at one moment incite self-sabotage and the next promote healthy transformation! No matter how much influence others have, we can always shape our own destiny. Under secretive, transformative Pluto's influence, it's time to recognise individual power, and then use it.

Tuesday February 26

The Right Direction

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Today it's the turn of our brightest celestial orb, the Sun, to fall under Pluto's intense influence. With the source of light and heat also involved in a long, drawn out build-up to an encouraging link with powerful Mars, there's a battle for power raging in the sky. I've spoken before about how the red engine of Mars, plus the dark horse of Pluto, symbolise the Ferrari stallion - we have immense horsepower on our hands, which needs careful controlling. It's important to stay attentive in order to steer in the right direction.

Wednesday February 27

House Pride

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Hi Oscar,
Do I experience Mercury retrograde more intensely because I have natal Mercury in my Sun sign? Susanna

Hi Susanna, Each of the 12 signs represents 30 of the zodiac. Since Mercury can't travel more than 28 from the Sun, it's only ever in our Sun sign or its neighbour. Mercury isn't less powerful when it 'lives next door', but it tends to focus on relating to the world rather than on core goals. No matter where our natal Mercury is found, we should all try to get our houses ordered before it turns backwards next week! Oscar

Thursday February 28

Worth Waiting For

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Mars, the planet of action and speed, isn't known for its patience. So the fact that its build up to an important link with the Sun has taken so long could explain the current aura of frustration. Yet sometimes, anticipation and effort result in a sweeter climax. Now we can combine the power of practicality and pragmatism with imagination and vision and overcome a hurdle to success. The good news is that today's alignment suggests that whatever happens now, it will have been worth waiting for.

Friday March 1

Sailing By?

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The weekend is coming, and once again Venus, the planet of love, is the focal point. Last weekend it converged with Pluto. Now, it's all change as it squares with revolutionary Uranus before entering forward-thinking, and somewhat eccentric Aquarius. I won't sugar-coat this; it's not going to be the easiest of transitions. Venus and Neptune's tricky angle means that sailing won't be plain. But while rocking boats aren't for the faint hearted, the change of course reveals a beautiful sunset we can head towards.

Saturday March 2

Your March Monthly Forecast

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There's a moment in The Incredibles (my son's current favourite film) when Elastigirl calls her husband and announces, as she unpacks the final box, that they've 'officially moved in'. This is three years after buying their house! This month, as Uranus finally completes its move into Taurus, a difficult process ends and we can settle into a bright new future. Even though Mercury's retrograde trip suggests there are details that will need looking at, the Equinox Supermoon is a guarantee that life will feel a little bit more... incredible!

Sunday March 3

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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