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March 23 2020 to March 29 2020

Monday March 23

Vivid Dreaming

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As the Mars/Pluto convergence reaches its peak today, with Venus and Neptune in creative cooperation, they bring the potential for ingenious things to happen in the dark. Although new responsibilities are emerging, there's a high probability that we're not yet fully conscious of the ways we're developing new strengths. Just as vivid dreaming only occurs during deep REM sleep, sometimes opportunities can be sensed, whilst remaining unseen.

Tuesday March 24

Battle Stations

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The Moon switches itself off today as the New Moon adds to the dream-like atmosphere. Of course, just because it's no longer lighting up the sky doesn't mean it isn't there. And this New Moon kick-starts the energy of the Equinox and the Sun in Aries. We should be more focused on initiating action than driving towards the finish line. But although winning is still important (and we're all fighting our own battles) winning in the right way is even more so.

Wednesday March 25

Story Time

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As I limit social contact, I'm reading more with my little boy. The other day he confessed he wasn't 'reading' all the words; that he 'remembered' some of them. I explained that this really wasn't cheating. In the coming days a similar approach to problems will pay dividends as Mercury rehashes recent sharp links with Jupiter and Pluto. As long as we recognise issues as they arise, we will find the wisdom to deal with them.

Thursday March 26

The Signs They Are a-Changin'

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Saturn's recent change of sign provides the foundation for new technological advances, and ensures that hard work makes tangible progress possible. Saturn is a slow moving plane; its effects have a lasting impact, but they take time to arrive. Yet, with Mars soon heading into Aquarius, where it converges with Saturn, it injects urgency into the proceedings. Some of these aforementioned developments will happen soon.

Friday March 27

Future Benefits

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After a week of intense alignments, the cosmos explores its softer side this weekend. Venus forms harmonious connections with Jupiter and Pluto as they prepare to converge. This helps us to appreciate affection and generosity, and see them as powerful, supportive agents. It also allows us to create bonds with profound future benefits. We just need the wisdom to ensure these gifts are bestowed on those who deserve them.

Saturday March 28

Your April Monthly Horoscope

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It's sad but true that governments use headlines to bury unflattering or controversial stories. This month's transformative, power-shifting Jupiter and Pluto convergence produces effects that will dominate the news, thanks to the Libran Supermoon. But if we dig deep enough to unearth the reality behind the challenging headlines, there will be positive effects too. Even if what's discovered appears uncomfortable, Mercury's influence insists that we'll eventually appreciate the direction it takes us in.

Sunday March 29

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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