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April 6 2020 to April 12 2020

Monday April 6

Rebel Rebel

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James Dean rebelled without a cause. Prometheus broke the rules. So are we naturally unruly? In coronavirus lockdown, there are things we want but can't have. Last weekend's Jupiter-Pluto convergence has left us on an emotional volcano - but we can divert the power of any eruption into positive channels. And tomorrow's imaginative Mars-Uranus-Neptune alignment insists we look again at battles we thought lost.

Tuesday April 7


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The Supermoon encourages us to fight for our beliefs. That might sound odd for a Full Moon in 'sit-on-the-fence' Libra, when Librans take a position, they're passionate advocates for action. This Full Moon brings issues to a head whilst insisting fairer understandings can be reached. We can't remain passive, but being stuck at home isn't the same as being sidelined. Mars' influence means that bold steps can still be taken.

Wednesday April 8

Wise Power

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We're still feeling the influence of the Jupiter-Pluto convergence. Given their slow movement and prospective trips retrograde they will remain close for some time. As they jointly dissect the axis of the Libran Supermoon, they bring a realisation of what we can achieve if we use their power wisely. This energy could be misused to spread fear. But don't worry. Venus encourages interventions that are softened by kindness.

Thursday April 9

Patience of a Saint

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We're approaching Easter, when Christians celebrate Jesus' resurrection. Of course, if the crucifixion had happened today, he would have had to wait a whole week before being allowed out and about! With various levels of patience (saintly or otherwise) the whole world is awaiting its opportunity to walk in the light. It's time to focus on the kind of world we want to emerge into. The Supermoon brings a sense of rebirth and insists that we can create a fairer, more beautiful society.

Friday April 10

Luck of the Dice

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If the zodiac were a Monopoly game, Mercury (planet of commerce) would pass Go this weekend and collect 200 pounds. Passing Go is the beginning of another trip around a board that involves navigating around places we're worried about landing on. Yet as Mercury enters Aries and links positively with Saturn, we have the luck of the dice on our side and fear doesn't need to govern our decisions. There's work ahead, but the energy and resources we need are all to play for.

Saturday April 11

Your Weekly Horoscope

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It may have happened last weekend, but Jupiter and Pluto's convergence is still pulling our strings with the skill of a hidden puppet master. But that doesn't mean we can't tug back! The Aries Sun is making feisty angles with each of these celestial heavyweights, refusing to be cowed or controlled. Yet discovering new power and autonomy needn't cause fighting and friction; by working hand in glove with these challenging forces, we can reshape the future. There's no telling what we might achieve.

Sunday April 12

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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