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April 13 2020 to April 19 2020

Monday April 13

Star of Wonder

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Hi Oscar,
The way Jesus' story connects with astrology is fascinating. In the gnostic Gospel of Judas, Jesus says, 'The star that guides you is your star'. Did the twelve disciples represent the star signs? And we all know about the wise men following the star to find him. What are your thoughts? John

Hi John, It's generally understood that Biblical prophets were familiar with astrology. But your questions are better addressed by theologians. Thankfully there'll be several on duty today, Easter Monday! Yours, Oscar

Tuesday April 14

On the Money

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Sometimes, the more we study something, the less we understand it. Some subjects require close scrutiny, and other are best left alone unless we're trying to extract worms from cans! But there are also situations where we must simply act on impulse rather than question every idea that pops into our head. With Mercury now in Aries, we don't have free rein to shoot first and ask questions later. Yet we can all be more confident that our initial assessments will be on the money.

Wednesday April 15

Celestial Seasoning

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I spend a lot of time studying the planets' effects on our lives. Usually, what I learn reveals their delicate influence on the pot; and gauging which celestial seasoning is responsible for the current flavour is a complex art. Now, though, Saturn (rules and restrictions) has control of the cosmological condiments. As it settles into Aquarius (friendships and society) lockdown might not seem like an obvious way of being. Yet we're being encouraged to do what it says on the tin - to courageously do what we need to do.

Thursday April 16


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They say 'a little bit of what you fancy does you good'. Even in lockdown, few of us can live like monks; and the Sun's move into sensual Taurus this weekend gives us the perfect excuse to indulge ourselves... within reason! Yet, as Mercury forms a Minor Grand Trine with Venus and Mars, it adds anticipation to the mix. But fantasy is sometimes better than the reality. So, instead of lamenting what we lack, we should remember to savour our infatuation... and be filled with gratification.

Friday April 17

Pie Chart

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Men think about it every seven seconds and many women are similarly obsessed. But what is it about pizza that makes it spring to mind so often? And what occupies its place in the thoughts of healthy vegans? Mercury, Venus and Mars encourage us to consider what we find attractive this weekend. They help us plan how to get what we want and ensure we communicate our desires. Even though lockdown makes it impossible to do everything we desire, satisfaction gets tantalisingly closer.

Saturday April 18

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Stubbornness, one of the characteristics of Taurus, is often seen as a negative quality. Yet, with the Sun entering the sign of the bull, and linking to Saturn, we can embrace the qualities of steadfastness and resilience it brings. The cosmos encourages us to maintain the difficult life choices we're making, and provides the strength and fortitude to support one another. With the New Moon's link to Uranus bringing radical and beneficial ideas, this week holds the potential for positive new developments too.

Sunday April 19

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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