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April 20 2020 to April 26 2020

Monday April 20


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As the Sun links with Saturn (representing technology and progressive alliances) environmental issues come to the fore. The cosmos focuses on the valuable work that can be done to lay foundations for future prosperity. Yet what's happening isn't easy or obvious; sometimes we can't tell how far our endeavours will take us... we have to trust that seeds will bear fruit. Meanwhile, we need to appreciate what we have. Even if it's not all we desire, it's enough. The future remains in our hands.

Tuesday April 21

Unexpected Sweetness

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Limitation is a powerful force; when rivers are dammed, electricity is generated. As squeezed as we now feel, at some point in the future, waves of possibility will be unleashed. Meanwhile, it's important to recognise tension and manage stress. That means calling on different resources and trying things we might never have tried before. Like the popularity of carrot cake during WWII rationing, any unexpected sweetness becomes a pleasure we wouldn't want to live without.

Wednesday April 22

Wheel of Fortune

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Whenever the Moon disappears, it seems to leave a space for change. As the skies turn dark once more, the wheel of fortune prepares to turn. This Taurus New Moon, which converges with revolutionary Uranus, is fertile ground for starting something different, and seeing the truth that's hiding behind a challenge. But that doesn't mean we can start charging about like an ox in a china shop! Tricky links with sensitive Neptune and protective Saturn must be carefully negotiated.

Thursday April 23

Tread Softly

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'But I, being poor, have only my dreams, I have spread my dreams under your feet, Tread softly because you tread on my dreams'. Let's heed the words of W.B Yeats tonight, as the New Moon takes place in Taurus, representing resources and values. It brings a reminder that our fortunes aren't set in stone. Despite the attention of iconoclastic Uranus, we don't need to burn bridges before setting out on any new metaphorical paths. It's by treading softly and slowly, that hopes become reality.

Friday April 24

Gain More Control

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As Pluto, the planet of power, turns retrograde this weekend, the nature of the hidden influences affecting our lives becomes clearer. With Mercury linking to stationary Pluto, new information is coming to light. And this isn't an academic exercise either; it's what we do with this knowledge that is important. Jupiter's influence suggests that a small idea can grow into a major opportunity. It's by having the wisdom to recognise potential that we will start to gain more control of the narrative.

Saturday April 25

Your Weekly Horoscope

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As Shakespeare wrote, 'If music be the food of love, play on'. The character saying this hoped music would cure him of an unhealthy love. I've tried something similar with pizza, but I still end up reheating it for breakfast! As Mercury enters sensual Taurus before indulging in an exciting formation with Venus and Neptune, ideas of pleasure are on the menu. But if we don't like what's delivered, we can't blame the chef. Clear communication will help ensure that our most important needs are met.

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