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May 11 2020 to May 17 2020

Monday May 11

Fact Check First

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Little is more embarrassing than misplaced righteous fury. Like the time at the railway station when I marched up to customer services to demand a refund for the faulty pass I'd just bought, before being shown I was scanning last month's expired ticket. An intense Mars and Mercury alignment suggests double-checking information before launching into arguments today. As Mercury heads home into Gemini, clear heads prevail. While it's important to let off steam, try to not burn anyone in the process!

Tuesday May 12

Talking the Talk

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We're living in testing times. The good news today is that, although passions and emotions have been highlighted to the point of getting out of hand, as Mars moves into Pisces, we become more forgiving of emotional outbursts and more tolerant of emphatic statements. We may find our dreams becoming more vivid and our imagination more wild too. Although that bodes well for creativity, newly retrograde Saturn suggests a need to be careful. If we talk the talk now, we'll be expected to walk it too!

Wednesday May 13

Get Back!

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What do you get if you play country music backwards? You get your house back, your truck, your partner and your dog! This old joke illustrates the effects of Venus, the planet of affection, beauty and value, as it begins retracing its steps for the first time since 2018. So, are financial and emotional anguish going into reverse? The answer isn't that black and white. But there's a sense that many of the fixtures in our lives are coming under review and, that if we go softly, that heartaches can begin to be healed.

Thursday May 14

The Bigger Picture

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2020 began with the planets all pulling in the same direction. But the word 'planet' comes from a Greek word meaning 'wanderer'. The ancients used it to describe how, unlike stars, these lights moved in whichever direction they pleased. Today, Jupiter (exploration and philosophy) joins several planets that have recently changed direction. We're being encouraged to search familiar ground to find missed opportunities. As the tide turns, it's important to focus on the bigger picture.

Friday May 15

Box Clever

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Pandora's box didn't just contain trouble. Once it had been opened, and its chaos was unleashed, hope fluttered out. In a similar way, the restrictions we're enduring can be a springboard for great creativity. Jupiter and Pluto's relationship may have amplified dark concerns about the future; but even if the path ahead is unclear, it won't remain hidden forever. The Sun's involvement suggests that, no matter how deep a hole we are in, there are tunnels to explore, and lights waiting at the end of them.

Saturday May 16

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Sometimes a TV series goes on for too long... the plotlines repeat themselves and the characters go stale. Venus and Neptune are currently engaged in a long-running drama that has coloured the background of recent events and created a yearning for something that's hard to define. As their relationship peaks, and the New Moon brings fresh information to light, change becomes possible. With new understanding we can begin to see positive ways to move our stories forward.

Sunday May 17

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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