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May 25 2020 to May 31 2020

Monday May 25

Carrot or Stick

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Whether we're more likely to be galvanised into action by a carrot or a stick depends on the situation we find ourselves dealing with. In professional sports, vast sums are paid to managers who can encourage the best performances by skilfully discerning the right balance between an 'arm round the shoulder' and a 'boot up the behind'! As celestial athlete Mars, gives and receives various kinds of treatment this week, it starts by being encouraging. Prepare to feel motivated!

Tuesday May 26

Take A Chance

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Things worth doing are rarely easy. But we can't act courageously without first being scared. Yesterday we talked about carrots and sticks; and sometimes there's no way to avoid pain on the path to progress. As Mars forms a challenging link to Pluto, we can't expect to emerge unscathed. But we can afford to believe that, despite a few knocks, we'll get what we want. Whilst it's not about winning at all costs, if we're prepared to take a carefully considered chance today, much can be achieved.

Wednesday May 27

The Strength of Scorpio

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Hi Oscar,
My sister, a Scorpio, has known a great deal of strife, and struggles to find a good 'life balance'. As a Virgo, I've had things better - although not always easy! Can you explain why?
Yours Susan.

Hi Susan,
Scorpios are special. Whilst their modern ruler, Pluto, represents survival, transformation and regeneration, it also signifies deep, hidden power. So whenever facing darkness, Scorpios have the resources to succeed. With Scorpio's traditional ruler, Mars, now making its presence felt, we can all access these strengths.

Thursday May 28

The Right Deal

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Mercury hasn't stayed in its celestial home for long. It was just over two weeks ago that it entered Gemini and it's already leaving. In Cancer, where the communication planet lingers much longer, it encourages us to air feelings, speak more soulfully and listen with consideration. When there's a difference between plain facts and emotional truths, one doesn't invalidate the other. Although finding a way forward involves negotiation and compromise the right deal can be struck.

Friday May 29

Tricky Opportunities

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We've spoken about carrots and sticks and the ways we're motivated. After Uranus' gentle encouragement, Mars forms a challenging alignment with the combined powers of Pluto and Jupiter. Although we won't be cruising in the comfort zone, today brings affirmation that it's through facing our fears that we grow strong enough to overcome them. Next week's Lunar Eclipse channels much of its power through the red planet (Mars). To make the most of this we must boldly explore tricky opportunities.

Saturday May 30

Your June Monthly Horoscope

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The June Solstice, the zenith of the Sun's heavenly pathway, is marked this year by a Solar Eclipse. This powerful celestial event shines on our response to the pandemic, and reminds us of the value of co-operation. While Neptune stands still, and the Eclipse's shadow passes, via Tibet, over conflict-torn lands, it encourages a deepening of spiritual connections and the search for peace. With Jupiter and Pluto reconvening, fear and factionalism can be overcome by faith and generosity.

Sunday May 31

Your June Monthly Horoscope

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