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June 8 2020 to June 14 2020

Monday June 8

String Theory

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Since I'm a glutton for punishment, I set up my mum's new 'smart TV' via video link. The first thing we did was search for nature videos that would excite her cat. Instead of purchasing primetime for her, we'd spent good money on something we could just have easily achieved with string! Yet true value comes from experiencing joy, not gaining assets. Though the Lunar Eclipse was pure box office, Mars caused more excitement. We can find imaginative ways to make the best of any dramas.

Tuesday June 9

Aquarian Stellium

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Hi Oscar,
On February 5, 1962, the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn all occupied Aquarius. Did anything significant happen then? How often do line-ups like this occur? When's the next one? Paula

Hi Paula, There will be another multiple conjunction, or stellium, of planets in Aquarius in February next year, the first since 1962. The last one saw the start of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Aquarian stelliums can be rebellious but don't have to be car crashes. Sudden breakthroughs are equally likely. Oscar

Wednesday June 10

Going With the Flow

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Some things are self-evident; they don't need explaining. Others seem easy to follow, but end up as confusing as government rules under lockdown! With the Sun and Neptune becoming intensely involved, the way ahead isn't clear. But we just need to remember that backwards steps aren't necessarily setbacks. Like waves breaking on shore, some moments pull us back before carrying us forwards. So, although there's a natural flow to progress, we should remember its path is rarely linear.

Thursday June 11

Being Bold

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Mars has been creeping closer to Neptune for a while. But since Mars doesn't really do 'creeping', the planet of energy and excitement has still been making its presence felt. As its relationship with the planet of dreams peaks this weekend, we can expect passions to be stirred once more. This is a moment of inspiration and action, offering the imagination to envisage an opportunity and the impetuousness to take our chances. We just have to be careful not to confuse being bold with acting rashly.

Friday June 12

Full Steam Ahead

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Fire and water make steam. And steam is powerful stuff. It drove the expansion of industry and still produces much of our energy. But it can cloud vision and impair judgment too. Fiery Mars and flowing Neptune make a steamy combination this weekend; endowing us with strength, but leaving us without a clear sense of direction. Fortunately the Sun makes bright sparks with Uranus, revealing alternative pathways. If we experiment, we may surprise ourselves with how well things turn out.

Saturday June 13

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Gut instinct is hard to define. Sometimes, even if all the information indicates taking a specific path, a nagging feeling leads us down another. And sometimes, the seed of our undoing grows from misplaced confidence in someone or something. Mars and Neptune are daring us to dream and inspiring us to act this week - whilst, as Mercury appears to move backwards, we'll need to face a past mistake. It's true that fools often rush in, but any bold decisions made in good faith are unlikely to be regretted later.

Sunday June 14

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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