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June 15 2020 to June 21 2020

Monday June 15

Pursuing Positive Policies

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The trouble with 'going with the flow' is that we don't always go very far. Of course there's nothing wrong with being a team player... and it's often unwise to swim against the current. Yet we need to take advantage of the tides and ride the waves as far as they will take us. The Mars-Neptune conjunction left a legacy of sensitivity and a willingness to strike compromises. As long as our actions represent a willing choice (rather than capitulation) they'll be positive policies to pursue.

Tuesday June 16

Hope Springs Eternal

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Yesterday, we talked about going with the flow. With the amount of protest and unrest sweeping the world, that may seem incongruous. But activism is the vanguard of a deeper movement; the outward sign that a tipping point has been reached. We're experiencing a time in which disruption is one of the few constants. Yet we don't need to burn bridges to make progress. As Mercury prepares to turn backwards, it's important that messages don't get lost. Hope, not anger, must be the motivating force.

Wednesday June 17

Back Atcha

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'Benjamin Button. Benjamin who? Benjamin. Who's there? Knock knock!' I'm unsure who wrote this joke, but if you're struggling to see the punchline, it's about to get easier to understand. Mercury turns backwards tomorrow, so looking at things in reverse will become standard practice. And since none of us are getting younger, taking stock and going through a period of review is a helpful thing to do. The information revealed by this process will ultimately prove most telling.

Thursday June 18

Chocks Away

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I can't be trusted around chocolate. My wife is resigned to knowing that any that's not hidden away will be gobbled up! We now find ourselves in a celestial environment where forbidden fruit proves particularly seductive. Hungry Mars has been making encouraging alignments with tempting Pluto, who joins with greedy Jupiter. So it's not just the Solstice Eclipse stirring the pot this weekend. Yet, despite the celestial activity, there's much to suggest that emotions will remain reassuringly caring.

Friday June 19


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The Solstice has been celebrated for as long as we've tracked the seasons; and this weekend's spectacle may be enough to tempt people back to the pagan fold! As the Sun reaches the extremes of its celestial journey, the fiery ring of a powerful Solar Eclipse will appear above the African cradle of humankind, pass over ancient Middle Eastern civilisations and head towards the spiritual centre of Tibet. Regardless of religion or creed, it's an opportunity to experience nourishing rejuvenation and rebirth.

Saturday June 20

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Thousands of years ago this weekend's cosmic events would have inspired people to create giant stone monuments to the heavens. These days they will be lucky to trend on Twitter! But, celebration or not, the impact of the Solstice Eclipse is undiminished. It's a moment to unite and inspire, and to feel the power of collective consciousness. Here comes a reminder of the strength found when we act from the heart. With Venus turning direct this week, noble deeds will be rewarded in kind.

Sunday June 21

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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