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June 22 2020 to June 28 2020

Monday June 22

Hope is at Hand

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From eclipses to rainbows, comets to constellations, people have always read such symbols in the sky to foresee the future. And in a game of celestial Top Trumps, the Solar Eclipse that took place at the Solstice is hard to beat. It signals both a culmination and a conception; the realisation that dreams can carry us towards our destinies and the acceptance that some journeys are unknowable. It encourages us to focus on the soulful, and sensitively sow imaginative seeds. Hope is at hand.

Tuesday June 23

A Better World?

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Neptune begins its annual journey backwards through the skies, having slowed to a standstill around the Solstice Eclipse. In ancient times, Eclipses were seen as peacemakers. In 585 BCE Herodotus described one as ending the war between the Lydians and the Medes. Neptune too, is seen as a symbol of empathy, forgiveness and the ability to imagine a better world. This is a time when old dreams can be rekindled and lost visions can be reclaimed. So much good is still possible.

Wednesday June 24

Profit and Loss

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Venus turns direct tomorrow. Given its association with money, does that spell good news for the economy? Well, yes and no. It marks the return to a degree of normality that will come as a blessed relief. But for some, it means facing decisions that have been put on hold. Whichever camp we fall into, we all have something in common; life has been teaching us some very valuable lessons recently. If we apply what we've learned, we may all profit from the situation. Luck is on our side.

Thursday June 25

Stupid Cupid

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The ancient myths tell stories about Cupid's aim going awry and his arrows striking unintended targets, or even being used to inspire yearning for things we really ought to avoid. As Venus begins to move forward today, will the arrows of love fly true? It's not quite that simple. Venus' influence is returning to 'normal' - whatever that means! Given the heart's propensity for mischief, we can't rest too easy! But we can expect kindness and creativity to grow where it has been lacking.

Friday June 26

New Energy

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Just as its fellow relationship planet, Venus, starts moving forward again, Mars comes home to Aries, and makes a constructive link with stabilising Saturn. Mars in Aries is a little like a sugar rush - it fills us with bursts of energy but doesn't exactly help us maintain the effort longer term. But its link with Saturn helps turn us from sprinters to marathon runners. Even though some of us (me included) are built for comfort, not speed, whatever action we start is about to become easier to finish.

Saturday June 27

Your July Monthly Horoscope

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We all have phone numbers we ought to delete. Maybe it's an ex we shouldn't text when we're feeling out of sorts. Since I started losing weight I feel the same way about a certain pizza delivery company! In July, Capricorn makes a celestial call to Saturn as the great planet returns, having left in March. Yet, even if the past looms large this month, we're not stuck in reverse, or in bad habits. The New Moon, encouraged by Jupiter and Neptune, brings vision to build for a happy and healthy future.

Sunday June 28

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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