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July 6 2020 to July 12 2020

Monday July 6

Get the Balance Right

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It's not easy to find the right work-life balance. When I've got deadlines to meet I sometimes fail to appreciate family-time; and I've turned down professional opportunities in favour of a quieter life. The recent subtle eclipse in Capricorn has highlighted these tensions. It urges us to focus on finding the support that will enable us to live more balanced fulfilling lives. Business doesn't have to be 'as usual'. By setting clear boundaries, we can create a more emotionally secure future.

Tuesday July 7

Carrot Vision

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We all manipulate information. But just because I tell my son that eating carrots will help him see in the dark doesn't make me a bad parent. As powerful Mars links with expansive Jupiter aligned with Machiavellian Pluto, inventive actions will solve tricky situations. And with retrograde Mercury getting involved tomorrow, we may be tempted to get 'creative' with the truth. But misinformation is always eventually uncovered. So whatever we say and do, we must be able to justify it.

Wednesday July 8

Attention Seeking Behaviour

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'I like getting up in the morning and messing with my boy's toys.' I sing this silly song when I wake up and my 6-year-old is downstairs. Then I repeat "MessMessMessMessMess!" and gently prod things in his room. Sure enough little feet scramble up the stairs and he bursts in shouting 'Daddy!' in mock indignation to commence our usual 'tickle-fight'. Sometimes confrontation is just a call for attention. As retrograde Mercury aligns with Mars, check which you're dealing with today.

Thursday July 9

Bubble Trouble

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Pubs are opening, but theatres remain shut. It's okay to mix some 'bubbles', but can we use people's toilets or must we do what we need to do outside? But then... washing hands is important! It's easy to lose track of the rules, especially when the guidance is as clear as a pair of spectacles steamed up by a face mask. The astrological guidance is slightly less opaque! Mars and Mercury's alignment creates frustration, but soon, as Mercury turns direct, logical steps forward will appear.

Friday July 10

Joking Apart

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I often seem to dream about my favourite stand up comedian and wake up laughing. Yet the same jokes don't have the same effect in the light of day. And since talking about dreams is a social faux pas (they're rarely as interesting once they're outside the head they originated from) I don't share the humour. As Mercury changes direction this weekend, the cosmos is awakening. The Sun's link with dreamy Neptune suggests that something useful will emerge from any recent confusion.

Saturday July 11

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Mercury, planet of commerce and communication, starts to move forwards this week. Although the recent problem-finding, mistake-uncovering, and wrong-end-of-stick grabbing has been enlightening, it's always a relief to move out of these particular woods. But before we go galloping into the open plains there's some undergrowth to negotiate. As the Sun and Jupiter oppose Pluto, if we look closely at what's hidden under our noses, we'll discover what we need to make good things grow.

Sunday July 12

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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