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July 13 2020 to July 19 2020

Monday July 13

Pole Positions

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Although they say opposites attract, people aren't magnets. We tend to gravitate towards those with whom we share similar outlooks. Yet, comforting similarities may be deceptively shallow. As the Sun moves from an empathic alignment with Neptune to oppose the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, it's important to approach any encounters diligently and shine a light onto characteristics we might dismiss. With an open mind and generous spirit, surprising relationships are possible.

Tuesday July 14

Buried Treasure

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Gold is hidden deep under mountains. Pearls must be prised from shells. What we think of as precious is difficult to obtain. Yet many of the things we think of as valuable are already in our possession and free to bestow. Today, the Sun's link with Jupiter and Pluto (who are clasped in a powerful embrace) reminds us that wealth is a state of mind and that riches can't buy a happy heart. We must spend the most valuable currency we can... and trust. Faith can't be blind, but it can be generous.

Wednesday July 15

Lesson Up

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My musician friends bemoan the slowness of the return to the new 'normal'. Family who are shielding are alarmed by its speed. Meanwhile my bored child is desperate to stop homeschool with 'Mr Cainer'. Whichever course we take there will be discontent. But one thing's certain; following the Sun's link with the Jupiter-Pluto convergence, we can't let fear rule the roost. That doesn't mean we should act irresponsibly. But where reward trumps risk, opportunities to live life need exploring.

Thursday July 16

Avoiding Mercury

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Hi Oscar,
My wedding venue cancelled so we're looking at other dates. Should I avoid Mercury retrograde? Best, Despina

Hi Despina, Although Mercury retrograde uncovers hidden problems, it's not an obstacle in itself. Actually, having Mercury retrograde is probably more difficult during the planning stages than the actual day! Since Mercury remains in its shadow until realigning with Mars at the end of July certain issues won't disappear overnight. But every problem we deal with now will eliminate a tricky surprise later. Yours Oscar

Friday July 17

Happy Birthday Mum

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Today's my mother's birthday. Some people might be familiar with the cartoons she creates to accompany the website forecasts. Often she complains my writing isn't 'visual' enough for her to easily illustrate. Yet since Saturn's involvement on this Blue New Moon weekend encourages using boundaries to structure more creative approaches, I'm tempted to fall deaf to her pleas. But there's a difference between strong 'bull-like' conviction and petty 'donkey-like' stubbornness. Happy birthday Mum!

Saturday July 18

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Some people quit 'bad habits' by gradually reducing their dependence. Others prefer the 'cold turkey' method. Sometimes, we need to fall out of love with what we believe we're dependent on - and in love with something different. This week's Astrological Blue New Moon, which takes place opposite disciplined Saturn, helps us impose limits on anything that's emotionally unhealthy. And the Sun in Leo encourages us to nurture the people and situations that make us healthy and happy.

Sunday July 19

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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