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January 13 2020 to January 19 2020

Monday January 13


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We now know where the first humans lived before they spread across the globe. Apparently, we came from Northern Botswana, near what was Africa's largest lake before it transformed into the Kalahari desert, and forced us to migrate to new climes. This process sparked the development of different cultures, traditions, and the technological breakthroughs that enabled our species to become successful. Whatever difficulties we face, they are catalysts for eventual triumphs.

Tuesday January 14

Fertile Ground

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It's easy to tot up the disadvantages when facing difficulties; and sometimes that list can be long. But, although acknowledging challenges is important, it's vital to be aware of the advantages too. Saturn and Pluto's conjunction brings powerful endings. But the Sun and Mercury's involvement increases our options of finding ingenious responses. With Venus insisting that we appreciate the value of letting go, the ashes of the old will prove fertile ground for positive changes to take root.

Wednesday January 15

Velvet Revolution

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Now Uranus has changed direction, all the major planets are moving forwards. This encourages us to do the same. Today, as Venus and Uranus link, they create the celestial equivalent of a 'velvet revolution', combining the gentle creativity of Venus in Pisces with the hunger for practical progress of Uranus in Taurus. This allows organic changes to advance sensitively but steadily. Although this is a soft approach, if we commit our hearts and souls, we can reap dividends.

Thursday January 16

Pillow Talk

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Yesterday we talked about a 'velvet revolution'; the act of fully committing our hearts and souls to a gentle but firm approach. If Venus now wears the velvet glove, Mars' spiky link with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is like an iron fist. Even with plenty of cushioning it's possible to be hurt by a hard object. So instead of thumping the table in frustration, we can transform into being guiding hands and sensitively moving things forwards with steady confidence, strong purpose and bravery too.

Friday January 17

United We Stand

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They say that a negotiation is successful when both sides get what they want, but neither walks away entirely happy. Perhaps then, we need to remember that what we think we want isn't always worth the aggro! Mercury is now in Aquarius. It makes a tricky link with Neptune before receiving a wake-up call from Uranus this weekend. This enables us to pierce an enticing illusion and see what's really important. We can unite behind a common concept that leads to mutual happier progress.

Saturday January 18

Your Weekly Horoscope

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With the Sun entering Aquarius, progress is in the air. Even difficult situations can be endured as long as we see things moving in the right direction; and with the coming New Moon making a dynamic link to Uranus (the revolutionary planet that rules Aquarius), some sort of breakthrough is close at hand. Although the powerful recent meeting between cosmic heavyweights Saturn and Pluto indicates that the hard work isn't over, this week brings brilliant light that will brighten any tunnels!

Sunday January 19

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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