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July 20 2020 to July 26 2020

Monday July 20

Blue New Moon Thinking

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'Blue-sky-thinking' is an old term cliche that advocates approaching problems unburdened by doubts or baggage. Personally, whenever I'm flying through the big blue sky, I like my baggage to come too! What we think of as burdensome is often what's needed to ensure that an idea works in reality as well as in theory. As the Blue New Moon opposes Saturn today, any restrictions that we encounter as we plant new seeds of hope are simply ensuring the best chances of their long-term survival.

Tuesday July 21

Car Trouble

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Hi Oscar,
I recently read my rising sign and my sun sign. One said 'take your foot off the gas and stop'. The other said 'keep going and make your case'. In such circumstances should I just use my intuition? Yours, Joseph

Hi Joseph, The forecasts I write here are Sun focused and not intended for rising signs. But either way, and especially under the Blue New Moon, you should always listen to your intuition. I can help clear the way, but you must choose the path. Yours, Oscar

Wednesday July 22


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We tend to think that the art of 'play' is a human quality. But studies show that birds, fish, even reptiles exhibit signs of playfulness. Since we find this trait in so many species surely that puts paid to the idea that such behaviour is frivolous. Following the Blue New Moon opposite serious Saturn, the Sun's return home to Leo gives us all an excuse for more recreation. Fun isn't a luxury - it's essential for the soul and crucial for a healthy mind. So let's ensure we enjoy ourselves today!

Thursday July 23

End Game

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Playing is often the first step on the journey towards enlightenment. What starts off as a cub chasing its mother's tail ends with the king of the jungle taking down a wildebeest. As Mercury re-makes its encouraging link with Uranus, ahead of leaving its shadow this weekend, we're encouraged to learn through experimentation. Even if we can't find an answer without dedicated research and detailed study, by being creative and expressive now, we'll be closer to a breakthrough.

Friday July 24

Play Time

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Not long ago, I was balancing my time writing these forecasts with teaching the times tables to a bored child. Inevitably it led to frustrated feelings and shortened tempers. Now it's the school holidays I feel less guilty about focusing on fun rather than on educational activities. The approaching Jupiter and Neptune realignment encourages us to forgive mistakes and be more empathetic. Meanwhile Mercury's emergence from its shadow enables us to realise how play can be as enlightening as study.

Saturday July 25

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Some of the astrological major events of 2020 have been more headline grabbing than others; but Jupiter and Neptune's subtle, yet supportive relationship shouldn't be allowed to fly under the radar. This week, as they make the second of their three alignments, we're encouraged to dream big and explore our imaginations; to be bold, creative and clever. Of course, not everything will go to plan. But with the cosmos inspiring improvisation in pursuit of success, it needn't have to.

Sunday July 26

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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