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August 3 2020 to August 9 2020

Monday August 3

Full Moon

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While we hardly need reminding of the need to focus on society's good aspects, the Full Moon emphasises these themes today, as Aquarius' ruling planets spring into action. The sign's traditional ruler, Saturn, opposes Mercury, as its modern ruler, Uranus, absorbs and expresses the lunar energy. This could herald a eureka moment! Yet, if there's to be a significant breakthrough, it must be sensibly approached. A turning point is within sight, but the next steps should be carefully planned.

Tuesday August 4

Hot Water

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Although energy and enthusiasm are valuable qualities, they work better when guided by a level-headed, focused sense of purpose. As Mars and Jupiter form a dynamic relationship, we can't allow strength of feeling to get us into hot water, no matter how justified we feel, or how righteous our indignation. Fortunately, with Mercury still empowered by its link to Saturn, we can control the way we express ourselves. Using passion to build progressive alliances will lead to certain success.

Wednesday August 5

The Truth Will Set You Free

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'The truth will set you free' is a quote from the Bible which has been immortalised by contemporary writers, such as Gloria Steinem, who popularised an addendum about how irritated it would make us before the promised liberation. As Mercury leaves its opposition with Saturn and heads into Leo, there's a sense that we can live this maxim to the full. We've had to face difficult questions and facts. Yet, as the limitations lift, they herald a time to get creative and let our ideas lead the way.

Thursday August 6

Game On

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The Sun and Venus entered a powerful relationship last week that peaked at the weekend and lasts for the rest of August. This attractive pairing brings both the potential for sweetness and a little sourness too. There's an overriding sense that we must continue to be vigilant, and attentive to the things that we value. A bit like the last-minute Spanish quarantine, we'll need to react quickly to new challenges. But even if we need to keep our 'eyes on the ball' there are ways to enjoy the game.

Friday August 7

Home and Heart

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They say that home is where the heart is... although quite frankly we've probably all grown a bit tired of looking at the same four walls recently! As Venus (luxury and creativity) moves into Cancer (home and comfort) the cosmos invites us to fall back in love with our nests. This weekend brings opportunities to appreciate what we have and to enjoy the people around us. It also encourages us to find ways to make our abodes more beautiful places to be. It's time to nurture kindness and creativity.

Saturday August 8

Your Weekly Horoscope

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A Finger of Fate is created when two planets harmonise with each other and focus their encouraging energy onto another planet. As the week begins, the energy created by Jupiter and Neptune points at the Sun; but by the weekend, their energy is transferred onto Mercury, the planet of communication. This creates a cosmic climate conducive to finding creative and exciting ways to reach goals. Yet in order to transform our lives we must consciously choose to seize and appreciate these opportunities.

Sunday August 9

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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