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August 10 2020 to August 16 2020

Monday August 10

Wakey Wakey!

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Rare is the day that I wake up and bound out of bed; it takes a strong dose of caffeine to fire me up in the morning. But, as Mercury aligns with Uranus, we are all being offered the equivalent of a shot of celestial espresso. Although it doesn't necessarily mean we'll be full of beans, we're starting to wake up to possibilities and open our eyes to opportunities we'd ordinarily struggle to see. It's a fine time to express strong opinions and an even better time to open our minds up to positive change.

Tuesday August 11

Living the Dream

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People use the expression 'living the dream'. But if anyone is living my dream, they'd be trying to explain to their old history teacher why they've turned up at school wearing nothing much, and covered in baked beans! As the Finger of Fate points to the Sun, we'll start to see creative ways to manifest ambitious goals. Most of us have a fantastical imaginary world in which we live our ideal lives. Over the coming days at least some of these fantasies can enter the world of reality. Dream big today!

Wednesday August 12

Cell Power

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On average, every cell in our bodies is replaced and renewed every seven to ten years. Yet we remain, for the most part, the same as we always were. Change is a constant... and true transformation requires us to do more than simply allow time to pass. As Mars prepares to make a dynamic link with Pluto, the power we need isn't going to be dropped into our lap; but if we make a conscious choice to take definitive action, we'll find the strength we need to make our efforts worthwhile.

Thursday August 13

Digital AGE

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We've talked about the Finger of Fate forming in the sky. Earlier this week it pointed at the Sun; and as we approach the weekend it's Mercury's turn to take the spotlight. With so much talk about digits pointing in different directions, it almost sounds as if the cosmos is preparing a knuckle sandwich! But we're not operating in a hostile environment. Forget frustration and aggressive gestures, now's the time to express ourselves with sensitive creativity and confident optimism.

Friday August 14

Backwards to Go Forwards

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With localised lockdowns and hastily changed plans, plus forward-thinking Uranus turning retrograde this weekend, it might feel as if progress involves going backwards. Yet what seems like a backwards turn belies the work taking place behind the scenes. The fact we're able to backtrack should be seen as positive. Meanwhile, expect more technological breakthroughs to make life-changing differences. With the Sun and Mars in harmony, even frustrating situations hide movements in the right direction.

Saturday August 15

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Is it possible to desire something so strongly that it comes to pass? Even though wishing something into being might not be a dependable way to make progress, single-mindedness is a common feature of many success stories. As this week's New Moon converges with Mercury (intelligence) and Mars (drive), we're encouraged to focus on potential desirable life-changes. As the Sun and Mercury head into Virgo, practicalities can't be ignored; yet passion increases the chance of making a breakthrough.

Sunday August 16

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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