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August 17 2020 to August 23 2020

Monday August 17

Back to the Future

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Whenever I watch fantasy movies with my son, I breathe a sigh of relief whenever the storyline turns to time travel in order to tie up the loose ends. We could all achieve pretty much anything we wanted if only we could turn the clocks back and correct our 'mistakes'. Yet, even though we don't have magic pocket watches or modified DeLoreans, with Uranus retrograde and the Sun conjunct Mercury today, we should be able fix any problems that are holding us back.

Tuesday August 18

The Healing Process

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Yesterday we talked about using the past to fix our problems. Yet this can be a painful process... no one likes facing up to mistakes. But that doesn't mean that we should be embarrassed by climb-downs, or overly contrite about past errors. As the planet of progress, Uranus, begins its journey retrograde, it aligns with kindly Venus, bringing charm and harmony into the celestial mix. As long as we appreciate the healing process we can fully benefit and move confidently ahead.

Wednesday August 19

Look Before You Leap

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We've been talking about how the act of learning from the past can create a better future. Today, as the Sun converges with Mercury, and the Moon renews its cycle in Leo, we're offered a new path to walk. It may not be immediately obvious. It will take creativity to see it, and courage to walk it. But there's a sense that a different way forward is possible and that intelligent change will lead us towards a better life. As long as we look before we leap this New Moon, we'll like where we land.

Thursday August 20


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There are debates across the world about the reopening of schools. In England, it has been suggested that pubs would have to close to balance the impact of our educational establishments opening. Soon, someone will suggest moving classrooms into pubs! I'm sure some teachers would support that idea! As Mercury enters Virgo, what seems like the most logical solution may not be the best way to proceed. Under the New Moon, if we're sensitive as well as inventive, bold initiatives can be taken.

Friday August 21

The Gentle Approach

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Mercury is happy to be home in Virgo. The Sun, however, while not necessarily sad to leave Leo this weekend, is certainly moving into a part of the sky where it's less at home. Although that doesn't necessarily mean we'll find it harder to take the lead, or that we'll receive less recognition than we'd like, it may mean engaging with these qualities more subtly than we have recently been used to. This weekend it's time to swap dramatic gestures for a more subtle, precise and gentle approach.

Saturday August 22

Your Weekly Horoscope

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We recently talked about a Finger of Fate alignment. This week I want to talk about a Finger of The World. Of course, you might be so tired of jargon that you're tempted to stick your fingers in your ears! Ironically, that sums up the effects of this cosmic phenomenon. There will be moments of frustration in the attempt to achieve this week's goals. But, it's what we learn from our struggles that proves valuable; and, as Venus and Jupiter link, we'll profit most by appreciating the bigger picture.

Sunday August 23

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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