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August 24 2020 to August 30 2020

Monday August 24

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Mars returned home to Aries at the end of June. Since it's one of the quickest planets, the fact that it stays there until 2021 is unusual. Its retrogradation next month both elongates its stay and extends the relationship it creates with Saturn today. Even though these two aren't exactly 'easy' bedfellows we can take advantage of their celestial relationship. Although determination and resolve are qualities we hope we won't need, it's good to know we'll be well stocked in these resources.

Tuesday August 25

Bread and Butter

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With Mars and Saturn in step for some time, they provide the bread and butter for several interesting celestial sandwiches! Firstly, Mercury provides the filling in a configuration called the Finger of the World. If this were an actual sandwich, we'd struggle to finish it no matter how many bites we took because it encourages us to focus on taste, rather than satisfying any hunger. It's worth remembering that sometimes it's not what we achieve, but what we learn along the way that's most important.

Wednesday August 26

Examining Examination

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No one likes being held back. It's one of the reasons for the frustration over the UK's recent exam fiasco. Although we're all bound to encounter disappointment at some time, being at the wrong end of an algorithm, when the responsibility for failure lies elsewhere, is a bitter pill to swallow. Sometimes, though, it's not the result that matters, but the strength we build from the struggle. The cosmos requires us to learn from mistakes. This applies both to trusting students and struggling governments alike!

Thursday August 27

Eat Out to Help Out

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Although life is sometimes hard to swallow, even the issues which are tough to bite can be made to taste sweet. But our teeth are equally at risk from hard candy as sticky toffee. So should we tuck into what the cosmos is offering, or carefully nibble at a tricky challenge? Mars and Saturn's link suggests we'll need to keep chewing decisions over for a while yet. But, as Venus moves to link with Neptune, a softer approach will help us appreciate what has landed on our plate.

Friday August 28

Meeting the New Dawn

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August's Sun/Venus dalliance is drawing to a close. Although these are both creative, charming influences, the nature of their relationship hasn't been easy. But the challenges they brought haven't been in vain. Together they've prepared us for the transformational potential of this weekend's Venus/Pluto opposition. With Mercury also opposing Neptune, a new clarity encourages us to jettison what's no longer valuable. What survives is love. We've got what we need to meet the dawn.

Saturday August 29

Your September Monthly Horoscope

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Why do some people feel free to sound their car horns with such enthusiasm? Of course, warning others is important - and sometimes we all need jolting into action. But does beeping from the back of a queue ever get anyone anywhere any faster? Patience may be in short supply as we head into September, but contributing to the rancour won't expedite matters. Constructive communication will help us through any jams... and though speed remains elusive, there will be a welcome sense of flow.

Sunday August 30

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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