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August 31 2020 to September 6 2020

Monday August 31

Teach Your Children Well

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As teachers and students prepare to start making up for lost learning, there will be plenty of challenges; especially when bored parents (like me) have been filling their kid's head with nonsense like 'before they were called toes, they were called 'feetgers'! But we can learn a lot from childrens' resilience. The recent Venus/Pluto opposition helps us follow their example and appreciate the value of digging deep; and empowered Mercury encourages us to reach more meaningful understandings.

Tuesday September 1

Doing Our Bit

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There's been a lot of finger pointing in the Covid blame game; but regardless of which mistakes were made, or who could have behaved better, there's only one person we can ever really hold to account: that's ourselves. At the Full Moon, when the Sun forms a Finger of the World with Saturn and Mars, it would be easy to feel that, no matter how much sustained effort we apply, it's never enough. Yet if we each make sure we're doing our bit, the collective pressure will ease.

Wednesday September 2

Full Moon

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The Piscean Full Moon encourages us to focus on the collective and the greater good. It promotes empathetic understanding and moving forwards to achieve progress. Does that mean forgetting past mistakes? Hardly! We'd be foolish not to learn from the difficulties we've faced and recognise the strength we've gained from supporting each other. As the planets prepare to align positively, we can find a skilful way through the trickiest of journeys towards a radical transition.

Thursday September 3

Carrot Sticks

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Lockdown has caused lots of financial heartache. The restrictions have made many profitable businesses unviable - and, with schools closed, even those who could work remotely have struggled to juggle responsibilities. When limitations are introduced, we face a choice: to stop and admit defeat or to allow them to spur us on in a new direction. There may have been more sticks than carrots to motivate us recently, but we're on the way towards better times than we think.

Friday September 4

Get Creative!

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Some problems loom large and impassable like the walls of the city of Troy; and with Venus and Saturn's recent opposition, we're even more frustrated than usual. When patience is short, the idea of forcing our way starts to appeal. Yet this almost always leads to bashing heads against metaphorical brick walls. Even with their helmets on, the Greeks didn't get far with brute force! Today, as Venus enters Leo, it's time to get creative. Perseverance is important, but strategy is paramount.

Saturday September 5

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Navigating backwards is tricky; especially when we're used to moving in a forward direction. So this week, as Mars turns retrograde, the change of energy will take some adjusting to. But we're not being asked to do the impossible. We just need time to adapt to the change of pace, and to acclimatise to a new way of doing things. Fortunately, with the Sun's energy moving harmoniously from Uranus (innovation) to Jupiter (luck), we have the creativity to take advantage of any changing situations.

Sunday September 6

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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